Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Affirmations for Starting Over

The new year is upon us, and this is the season where many people make lists of "resolutions" or things they will change in the new year. The problem with these resolutions is that few people actually keep them. After a few weeks or months, they fall completely off-course, abandoning the changes they resolved to make.

You'll find that we don't address the idea of "New Year's resolutions", as we do not embrace this idea in its entirety. We are of the belief that, while the new year provides a beautiful metaphorical starting point for changes and new beginnings, the day to start taking right actions toward the change you want to see in your life is always today--THIS day, moment or hour. Waiting for a specific box on the calendar, or tick of the clock to move toward our goals and dreams is often a trick of the ego to cause us to procrastinate, and to continue to live in fear. This is not to say: do not reflect on the lessons of the past year and make decisions on what to change going forward; but it is, instead, to encourage you to be in a constant state of reflection, and to honor yourself by being aware of what steps you need to take daily to reach your goals.

We encourage you to accept that your best life has already begun, and to carry these affirmations with you into the new year:

I know that the best time to start over is always right now.

My life is dynamic--in a constant state of change--and I embrace change as the catalyst for growth.

I evaluate myself continuously.

Each day, I align my actions with the intent of achieving my goals.

I walk the path toward my dreams diligently and without deviation--no matter how tough the terrain.


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