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We have both recently experienced the "a-ha!" moment (that instant where everything that has been out of focus suddenly becomes clear) in our lives. We 'd both become fed up with running on empty, being a day late and a dollar short, and blaming the world for it. As we began to share with each other, we realized that we were on very similar journeys toward self-love, personal empowerment, financial independence, emotional and physical well-being and in a nutshell—inner peace. And with this recognition came another thought--maybe we aren't the only ones; maybe there are other women out there who are also dedicated to being their most amazing selves and who are looking for support and affirmation along the way. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if WE could help provide that?

So we’re glad you’re here, because if what we write speaks to you, you are probably standing in the middle of your own personal, spiritual and emotional transformation--your rebirth into the life you've always wanted. Maybe you're not THERE yet, but now you’re developing a better understanding of your journey. We too, are still experiencing dynamic changes and discovering what is true for us; we use this platform as an opportunity to share our experiences and research, and to create a vessel through which other women can seek guidance and find their own truths.

Our goal is to inspire, enlighten, and encourage women to find their inner goddess. You'll find that within these posts we will use God, the Universe and Life interchangeably, as we understand that not everyone believes in the same higher power; inevitably our intent is to speak to the spiritual, energetic forces at work in all our lives, rather than to dictate religious commentary.

Peace Love and Pretty Things is a budding community of diverse women who have discovered that life is meant to be experienced from the inside out. Feel free to read, comment and confide in an environment that advocates fearlessness and authenticity.

Contact us at PeaceLovePrettyThings@gmail.com.

About the writers.... 

GG Renee Hill - Co-Founder/Co-Author
 GG Renee Hill is a writer under the influence of three children, conflicting priorities, and a passion for healing through self-expression. Her transparent essays reflect a reverence for authenticity and grace in the midst of struggle. Based in the Washington DC area, she navigates the complexities of work, love and family by day - and writes about it at all by night.

GG is one half of the duo behind the blog, Peace Love and Pretty Things, where the co-authors expound on the pleasures and pains of womanhood. She also shares her personal journey of transformation on her blog, The Write Curl Diary. She is a regular contributor to Curly Nikki and her work has also been featured on For Harriet, The FreshXpress, and Black Girl Long Hair.

Kim Jackson is a marketing professional, social media specialist, copywriter and blogger. She is content manager for the divisional level twitter account for the media company she works for by day; and, as a freelance social media specialist, she provides both social media and copywriting services for a NYC based high end jewelry company, as well as two of its licensed jewelry lines.

Kim shares bits of her healthy, style savvy life--and gives tips to help you navigate yours, at her personal blog, Pish Posh Perfect; and seeks to inspire and uplift women by co-authoring a women’s empowerment blog, Peace Love and Pretty Things. Kim is currently a contributing writer to 'Fro Fashion Friday at the 'Fro Fashion Week blog, and her work has been featured on other blogs and websites including Curly Nikki, For Harriet and Friends Don't Let Friends.

Mugure Crawford - Music Reviewer
Mugure Crawford currently holds one of her dream jobs working for the SVP of Programming for Radio One Inc. and supporting other Program Directors at Radio One's 53 Radio Stations in 15 Markets across the country. With over 12 years of experience, her career has kept her moving forward with a variety of roles in the radio industry. Mugure looks forward to propelling her career in radio and solidifying her brand as the "it" girl/media specialist with a passion for music & entertainment. Mugure resides in a suburb of Washington DC with her husband Lamon, daughter Laila, & son LJ.

Lawrence Ware (guest author) is lecturing professor of philosophy at Oklahoma State University and Pastor of Christian Education at Prospect Church. He writes for Tikkun and Religion Dispatchers all while living in Oklahoma City with his wife and sons.

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