Monday, October 31, 2011

Affirmations for Energy

We each have those mornings where we wake up and feel completely lacking in energy. Whether it is due to the past night’s activities, the change in weather, or a restless night—there are some days when it requires an extra boost to get out of bed.

While you can energize your physical self with vitamins, exercise and a healthy breakfast; it’s necessary to energize your mind as well so that you can productively tackle all the items on your “to do” list for the day. Not to mention that what your mind believes is the key to how well you accomplish everything else--you'll never make it to the physical exercise if you don't believe you have the energy to push through a workout; you won't eat well if you don't believe your body deserves to be treated well today.

So how do you energize your mind? Affirmations, like the ones below, can help:

I welcome energy, light and love into my heart today, and I allow them to guide all my choices.

I call in all the creative energy needed to beautifully execute my work.

I feel completely charged today as my vital energy resurfaces to work on my behalf.

I am healthy and fit and full of life.

I enjoy healthy food that is good for me. I eat for nourishment, instead of pleasure.

I express gratitude to the Universe for all the energy that surrounds me, and I draw on it for use today; where I am lacking, may the Universe fill in the gap.

What helps you to recharge when your energy level is low?
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Musical Inspiration: Artists You Should Know

Were any of you able to attend the Autumn Soul Session Vol. 2 that went down in DC in early October? 

This event featured two up and coming artists that you definitely should check out:

Vol. 2 of the Autumn Soul Session featured the self-proclaimed "people watcher, dreamer and lover of philosophy", Debórah Bond (pronounced De-BOR-rah).  She credits Anita Baker, Chaka Khan, and Sade as the roots which shaped her sound. Her unique and "eclectic mix of R&B, funk and British soul" receives accolades from fans and critics worldwide. The debut album "DayAfter", and the remix album "AfterDay", established Deborah Bond's reputation as both a deeply sensitive, spiritual, sincere artist and a funky diva with captivating stage presence. Check out the video for the single"See You In My Dreams", currently in heavy rotation on VH1 Soul.

Deborah and her band/production team Third Logic are proud to announce the release of Madam Palindrome (7/17). This album is a confident, bold, and artistic creative statement.  The new single from Madam Palindrome "You Are the One" is now available on itunes and Debórah and her band take pride in creating music that has no boundaries, that goes beyond age, race, or creed.

Armed with his guitar, Levi Stephens chooses to follow in the tradition of those classic singer-songwriters that came before. Levi is an acoustic soul singer-songwriter who is intent on making a difference through his music by crafting songs that evoke an array of emotions and connect him to his audience by fostering a sense of familiarity through a shared laugh, shared heartache and a shared love of song. His debut album, “This Way” goes far beyond the confines of R&B and seamlessly melds a variety of genres, from soul to rock to gospel to folk.  Check out Levi's music here and here and visit his website here


The artist overviews above are from the official press release by TheLiveSuite.   Follow Organic Fusion on twitter @organic_fusion or go to their website to stay abreast of live musical events and more independent artists you should know! 

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Love Notes - Friday 10/28/11

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Your Dreams Are a Reality Right Now

This life has an infinite number of potentials for you; we live in a made to order Universe. Whatever you believe is possible for you and take consistent action upon is what becomes your reality. If you keep telling yourself that your dream isn't possible, you will come to find that you are absolutely right. But my friend, if you draw a line in the sand and tell the Universe that your dreams are a reality RIGHT NOW, and take action as if that were the case, you will come to find that you are absolutely right. The question is how long can you live in the fire of your dreams' manifestation? -Jackson Kiddard

What have you been dreaming about? How do you take action as though it already exists? Start by:


Talking about it in the present tense

Expressing gratitude for it

Setting small milestones as part of your longer term goals

Being patient as it unfolds

Start now.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

PLPT GEMS: Meet Tiffani

PLPT GEMS Presents
Tiffani Rogers
Dancer. Educator. Stylist.
When did you first discover your "passion for fashion" so to speak?
From as early as I can remember my greatest joy is getting up and deciding what I am going to wear. It's like asking yourself, 'Who do I want to be today?' Fashion allows us to be anyone we want to be. I remember putting on fashion shows with my sister in my living room and looking at my mother like she had 3 heads when she tried to pick out my clothes for the first day of Kindergarten. My parents even let me decorate my room at the age of 5 when we moved into our new house. I picked out the wallpaper (pastel pink ice cream cones) and furniture set. My best friend Andrea would sit at my glass vanity and say, 'I just love this room!' I should have known then that fashion styling and interior decorating would be in my future.
You now run your own styling business, STYLE by Tiffani and you write the successful blog, ACCIDENTAL Chic. How did you know you wanted to actually pursue a career in the fashion industry?
It didn't come to me right away. I moved to New York City in 2005 to attend NYU to get my Masters in Childhood & Special Education. Teaching is another passion of mine and has been my career since I was 18 years old. Once I arrived to NYC I realized I was in the middle of the Fashion Capital. My passion for fashion was taken up about 5 notches! I was in awe of being surrounded by the designer boutiques I read about in Vogue, being able to attend museum exhibits and New York Fashion Week.
I wanted an outlet to share all my fashion happenings, so on New Year's Eve in 2007 I decided to create a blog. Also, my friends were always asking me questions and I was sick of repeating myself. Ha! My roommate at the time went on my computer, opened up a Word Document and created a list of possible names for my blog. ACCIDENTAL Chic stuck out to me and Shannon said, 'I think that is perfect because you don't try to be chic, it's just who you are.' To this day the name is still the perfect fit because I never planned on pursuing a career in fashion - it just happened!
My career in fashion came about randomly. I also moved to NYC to pursue my dance career. It had been my dream since I was little to dance on Broadway. Being a dancer, I have lots of friends in the industry and everyone is auditioning 24/7 or searching for their 'look' to land an agent. Being their go-to fashionista, I would style them. Over the past couple of years I realized I love working with people one on one to help cultivate their style or decorate their living spaces to reflect their style. To me, it's just as rewarding as teaching children.
How did you get your business off the ground? What were the first 5 steps you took once you knew this was your intended career path?
Last summer I read The Artist's Way by Julie Cameron after hearing rave reviews from everyone I know. Upon reading and completing the exercises in the book I realized my focus was going more towards fashion than dance. That's when a light bulb went off that I could turn my passion into a career. Here are my first 5 steps...
1. Read a lot of business books for creative types and freelancers. I highly recommend reading The Entrepreneur Equation by Carol Roth if you are contemplating starting a business. Roth really puts things into perspective and can help you plan accordingly.
2. Brainstormed name and logo ideas, along with creating a website.
3. Educating myself financially. If you don't have your own personal finances in order, you are certainly not going to be able to handle business finances. This can definitely make or break you, so take the time to educate yourself.
4. Network, Network, Network! Also, social media is a MUST if you are an entrepreneur.
5. Visualize and journal what my goals are for STYLE by Tiffani. This is an ongoing process. I always make it a point to check-in. It's important to me that I'm on the right path and staying true to my vision.
What does a day in the life of Tiffani Rogers look like? What is your favorite part of the day?
Every day is different! There is some consistency in my day because I still teach part-time as a SEIT (Special Educator Itinerant Teacher) in the morning and late afternoon. This is the perfect schedule for me because it leaves a big window open in the afternoon for me to pull or return looks at showrooms for photo shoots, preview upcoming collections, meet with clients or work on any projects I may have on the horizon.
I truly love every part of my day. It's important to me to live a life where I am excited to get out of bed every morning. Being able to pursue both careers is important to me right now. I have a great balance going on. Although, my morning cup of green tea and 'me' time before I start my day might just be my favorite.
What are some of the pros and cons of being in business for yourself?
+ Your business reflects your vision and constant use of your creativity.
+ Flexibility and opportunity to choose who you work with.
+ The chance to make a difference and inspire others.
- Your customers are your boss. If they’re not buying, you're not getting paid!
One of our favorite features on your blog is Mantra Monday, where you post quotes or photos that have inspired you. Is this what helps you to overcome any moments of fear or doubt that you might experience? What are some of your other outlets?
I had the idea to start Mantra Mondays because I am SO not a Monday person. I don't why. I actually think I have gotten better about it since I started Mantra Monday. I figured posting an inspiring quote is a great way to start the week on the right foot. Each Monday it gets me thinking and ready to move forward on whatever I need to conquer that week. It's a bonus that my readers are inspired by it as well. Heaven forbid if I don't post a mantra on Mondays now!
Another outlet I use to overcome fear and doubt is definitely books. I looooooove books. In NYC there is a bookstore or library on just about every corner. I probably go into one at least once a day (seriously). I love reading every type of book there is. If I need inspiration on something I pick up a book and start reading. There's just something so reassuring about that. Dance and yoga are other outlets; both allow me to just be in the moment.
What advice would you offer to others who are searching for their purpose, or are afraid to take the first step towards their own dreams?
Make time for yourself! Even if it's just 15-20 minutes a day. During this time you should ask yourself what it is that you want. One day my yoga teacher ended the class with this, "At the end of the day you have no one to answer to but yourself." I think about this all the time. You have no one else to please but yourself! It amazes me how often I see people living lives to please others even though they are miserable inside.
WHY NOT take the first step? This is what I say to myself all the time. And let me tell you 99.9% of the time I can't think of a reason not to take that step. If you are contemplating starting a business or a career change but afraid to put it all on the line, start slowly. Evaluate where you want to be right now, in 5 years and then in 10 years. Each will be different phases so don't feel pressured to make it all happen right away. I use to feel like I needed to make it all happen in my 20's but something shifted once I turned 30, it was like a little voice told me to slow down and enjoy the journey. My future plans are to be styling and decorating full-time, but as of right now I am enjoying the process of growing my business.
It's OK to not know every little detail of what you want to pursue. By taking the first step it will lead to more steps, but you have to be willing to take that first step!! As my good friend Adri would say; TRUST & BELIEVE.
How can our readers connect with you?

Feel free to reach out and connect with me at any of the following mentioned below. I hope to hear feedback, thoughts and answer any questions PLPT readers might have! xo
twitter: @stylebytiffani
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Affirmations for Patience

We're used to getting our way.
We don't want to be left behind. 
We don't like being uncomfortable.   
We don't want to end up alone. 
We want more money or status.   
We feel pressed for time.
We think that things or situations can make us happy.
We are waiting for others to do or be something different.

These are some of the things that make us impatient.

These thoughts swirl around in our minds: "I just can't wait until...." or "I'll be happy when..." or "I wish this person would just grow up and ..." We want what we want and we want it now. 

Do you feel like you're never satisfied?  Do you look around and only see what's wrong or what's missing?  Well, it's time to change your perspective. 

Learning to be patient can help you in every aspect of your life.  Spiritually, emotionally and even physically, we all benefit from accepting the present moment -- no matter how uncomfortable we think it is. 

Consider the following affirmations to help you increase your patience and develop a healthy sense of tolerance:

I am supposed to be right here, right now.

I will be patient with myself and therefore increase my patience with others.

I will avoid the urge to hurry and hasten my way through life.

I will be quiet, breathe deeply and listen when I feel frustrated and impatient.

I will not base my happiness on the speediness of a particular outcome.

I will appreciate what every moment has to offer; not only when things are going my way.

How do you check yourself when you're feeling impatient with yourself or someone else?

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Love Notes - Friday 10/21/11

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yes, You Are Loved

In this PLPT Guest Post, Pastor/Professor Lawrence Ware reminds us that we are indeed special, unique and most of all--loved.

There are over 6 billion people on Earth. Think about that: 6 billion people.

Confronted with that number, it is hard to feel special. What is one person compared with that number? How can any person feel special, unique, individualized? What makes one life valuable compared to so many others? Am I more than just a face in the crowd; more than just a social security number? Am I significant? Do I matter?

I think you do. Let me tell you why.

St. Augustine was this black guy from the Fourth Century. He was a philosopher and theologian—and since he now has 'St.' in from of his name, he must have been a pretty nice guy.

He wrote this book entitled Confessions. (Not to be confused with the album of the same name from this other black guy named Usher.) In the book, Augustine says something that I find to be as sublime as it is profound: God loves each of us as though there were only one of us.

Imagine that: 6 billion people, an ecosystem, an ever expanding universe—and God is concerned about you. Concerned about if you are having a good day. Concerned about your joy. Concerned about your family.

So many of us struggle with significance. Struggle with being loved. We look for love in relationships, in family, in life. And all the while, love is staring us in the face. We have become so consumed by our search for love that we fail to see we already have what we’ve always been looking for.

God loves you—like you were the most important person on the planet.

There is no greater love than that. I pray that you feel it today.

Lawrence Ware is lecturing professor of philosophy at Oklahoma State University and Pastor of Christian Education at Prospect Church. He writes for Tikkun and Religion Dispatchers all while living in Oklahoma City with his wife and sons.
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Monday, October 17, 2011

5 Reasons to Consider a Long Distance Relationship

In the past, it seemed that people were afraid of engaging in long term relationships, yet recently, more people seem to be open to conquering the distance; let’s talk about some of the reasons you might want to consider a long distance relationship as well.

While being in a LDR is much different than being in a relationship where you’re in the same location, there are definitely some positive aspects to getting to know your partner with some distance between you. In order for it to work, both parties have to act as mature, responsible adults, and there needs to be communication up front about what each person hopes to gain from the relationship. But with the right amount of patience and trust, a LDR can be just as fulfilling (until someone can make the move) as having your significant other next to you. Here are 5 positives that we can explore:

1. You appreciate your time together more because you recognize that it is limited. You close your laptop, ignore your phone and log off social media in order to focus on each other. You set the intention to be together, as opposed to just “hanging out” because of proximity.

2. You communicate more openly. You have to be clear in order to build trust and avoid the misunderstandings that can easily occur as you are adjusting to each other’s personalities.

3. You really get to know each other, and are able to logically process (especially important for women) what you’re learning. With less involvement of the physical—and the resulting boosts in hormone levels which can make you feel/hear/see things that aren’t there—it becomes easier to evaluate things with a certain measure of detachment. This helps you to make sure you’re on the same page and that you are both getting what you want out of the relationship.

4. You learn to compromise from the very start. You make being together a priority and make concessions for each other where necessary.

5. Either you learn patience, or that which you already had is tested. You each have commitments and responsibilities in your respective home cities that can sometimes be unavoidable, and delay or postpone your time together. You have to be focused on finding other ways to connect until you can be in the same place at the same time.

Each point listed contains essential components to any relationship, and the distance will make it clear very early on whether or not you and your partner are compatible in areas like communication and trust; helping you to move on more quickly from relationships that aren’t going to work for you.

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? For what reasons did you initially consider it? Did you find the above to be true for you? Let’s discuss!
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Love Notes - Friday 10/14/11

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Five Ways to Affirm Your Worth

When our lives don't go quite the way we would like them to, we feel out of control; we start to feel unworthy of the things we desire, so we beat up on ourselves, instead of affirming how much we’re actually worth. We feed feelings of insecurity about everything from our jobs to the way our bodies look.

What we might want to do in these instances is to spend some time reflecting on what we offer ourselves, our families and the world that are worthwhile contributions.

So how do we nourish our spirits and start to get some of that control back? How do you affirm your worth?

Compliment yourself - Stand in the mirror. Look at yourself. Note all the great things that you love, and compliment yourself on them. “I really love my hair” “I have beautiful eyes” “My arms are so toned” (Focus only on what you like about yourself—don’t get caught up in what you wish you could change).

Learn to accept compliments from others - Have you ever noticed that it is particularly difficult to accept a compliment from someone else when you're feeling insecure? When someone compliments you on your hair, instead of launching into a diatribe about how difficult it was to get it to straighten or how it's really very dry today, try saying "thank you" with a smile. Let the beautiful things that others say about you sink in until they become your self-talk.

Tell yourself “I Love You” – We say it to our children, friends, parents and significant others—but how often do we say it to ourselves? Tell yourself “I Love You” and affirm that you too are worth the same love that you shower onto others.

Do something that you naturally do really well – The idea here is not to challenge yourself, but to do something at which you excel without even trying. Do you have a beautiful voice? Sing to yourself. Are you a fast runner? Hit the pavement. Can you sketch beautifully? Break out that pencil. Allow yourself to get so lost in that activity that you forget to wallow.

Spend time with children – It doesn’t matter if they’re your own children, nieces and nephews or a group of children you volunteer with; just hang out with them. You will never look cooler, smarter or more talented than through the eyes of a young child. They’re so curious, and find it fascinating that you have so many answers. See yourself through their eyes for awhile and be reminded about how much you’ve accomplished since you were that age.

Emotions, both dark and light, are natural so we’re going to feel less confident from time to time. The key is to make sure it’s a temporary feeling.

What are some other things you do to affirm your worth?
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Side Hustle Boot Camp - A Roadmap for Turning Your Passion Into Profit

What if you could make money doing what you love?

Most women I know would love to earn an income from their passion, yet most of them never get started with a business or a side hustle because they just don’t have the right information or support to move forward. If you’ve been thinking about putting yourself out there and finally starting your business, I invite you to join me and other women entrepreneurs on November 11, 2011 for a unique online event, Side Hustle Boot Camp LIVE hosted by Rosetta Thurman and Kimberly Linton.

The Side Hustle Boot Camp LIVE virtual event will be a full day of inspiration, information, motivation and collaboration to help you launch and grow a business doing what you love. Attendees will learn how to start promoting themselves and their business, especially while they still have the financial cushion of a full-time job.

Even if you already have a side business but are not sure of your next step, this event will spark a zillion new ideas for you. Best of all, each attendee will leave the event with a One-Page Business Plan to help launch their next stage of business growth!

Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, I hope you’ll join me on November 11 for an experience that will change the way you think about your business . . . and your life.

Register here. Early bird tickets are on sale through November 4.

All who attend the Side Hustle Boot Camp will experience and receive the following:

- A powerful message from keynote speaker A’Lelia Bundles, the great-great granddaughter of Madam C.J. Walker, the first black female millionaire

- Practical business and marketing tools, tips and information from successful women entrepreneurs as well as expert speakers who understand you and your journey

- A One-Page Business Plan that will help you clearly define the next steps for moving forward in your business

- The Side Hustle Workbook, a copy of all training materials put together in a downloadable workbook format with worksheets and resources for you to take action on both during and after the live event

- Recordings of all sessions for you to continue to learn from after the live event (these recordings are downloadable to your computer for you to listen to whenever and wherever you want!)

- A supportive online community to nurture your entrepreneurial spirit and foster valuable connections with other like-minded business women

- . . . all from the comfort of your own home or office! (all sessions will be held live via webinar from your computer)

Register here. Early bird tickets are on sale through November 4.

*Disclaimer: Some links included in this post to the event mentioned are affiliate links. PLPT will never endorse an event, product or service that we do not believe in or would not utilize ourselves.
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Monday, October 10, 2011

7 Baby Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle


Many of us have the desire to lead healthier lifestyles and just don't know where to start. The idea of a lifestyle overhaul can be extremely daunting. But you have to start somewhere. What is more important than your health, really? It's a matter of making it a priority. Below are a few small changes that I've made to get me on the right track. Maybe some of these will be helpful to you too. Baby steps can give you the confidence to eventually take bigger, bolder steps to get you where you want to be.

Instead of cutting out sweets; treat yourself to one small sweet a day.

I have a major sweet tooth i.e. sugar addiction. One day, I realized this and decided that I need to give up sugar completely. Um, yeah, so that worked for about a day and then I totally binged on a whole sleeve of chocolate chip cookies. There are always temptations around, so I'm learning to have one small piece of yumminess a day and keep it moving. I try to satisfy my urge for sweets with fruit and yogurt. Any other ideas?

Get by with six or seven hours of sleep during the week.

My doctor tells me that everyone is different and may not necessarily require 8 hours of sleep every night to function at their best. Personally, I find that between 6 - 7 hours a night gets it done for me during the week. Anything less than that, and I'm struggling. It's hard for me to go to bed at night. Not because I'm not tired but because I always try to squeeze too much into my precious evening time. It's not always easy, but I make every effort to get myself in bed early enough to allow for 6 - 7 hours of sleep. I also make a point to get as much rest in as possible on weekends.

Does everything need to be organic?

I don't know about you, but I cannot afford an all organic diet. Nor do I think it's necessary, really. Who knows, my opinion on that may change one day. For now, I try to buy primarily organic fruits and veggies. Produce has the potential to carry the heaviest exposure to pesticides, so where we can afford it, I opt for organic. What do you think? If you're all organic, all the time, what are your reasons?

Eat a fruit or veggie with every meal.

Most of us know that we should get 5 fruits or veggies in a day. If you include one with each of your three meals, you're almost all the way there. Throw some veggies on your sandwich and opt for carrots instead of chips. Have some fruit with breakfast. Pull out the blender and mix up your own smoothies. Or, if you're "too busy" like me, then you can buy fruit and veggie smoothies from the grocery store like ones by Odwalla and Bolthouse Farms.

See your doctor at least every other year.

Sometimes we have misperceptions about our health simply from not going to the doctor. Some of us are afraid to go. While I understand the feeling, the only way to get rid of this anxiety is to go. I feel most comfortable seeing my gynecologist once a year and my primary care doctor every other year. Depending on your age and health status, you may need to go more or less, but you should stick to a schedule. Keeping these appointments will ward off some of the worries we create in our minds from simply avoiding our standard check ups.

Breathe and Stretch.

The benefits of yoga and meditation are a sense of balance and connection between mind, body and spirit. But these practices take awhile to master. Why we always think we have to be a master before we can try something, I don't know. Why not start by practicing deep breathing and stretching a couple times a day? Perhaps in the morning and at night. Even throughout the day, when I feel anxiety, anger or frustration building up, I practice deep breathing and it calms me down. Stretching first thing in the morning is a great way to gradually wake up your body. Think about your intentions for the day and program your mind to stay positive. Once you start doing this on a regular basis, it will be easier to branch out and incorporate more structured practices.

30 minutes of activity - 3 times a week.

You just have to get moving. It's just that simple. When you have the option to walk, walk. When you have the option to take the steps, do it. These are small choices that we can make that can get us on the right track. You don't have to get your exercise in the gym, necessarily. Maybe you can take a dance class or join a running group. Any type of physical activity that you can add to your life will have a positive impact on your health.

What other tips can you add? I'm always looking for more ways to lead a healthier lifestyle without turning my whole world upside down overnight.  Share your experiences with me.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Love Notes - Friday 10/7/11

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Raising Children Who Think For Themselves

My mini-me's!

Do you think that children are born with the natural inclination to think for themselves? 

I do.   Early on, their instincts lead them to explore and express themselves without concern for how it will be perceived.  Case in point, my one year old's most powerful means of communicating displeasure right now is to smack the source of her displeasure right in the face. We obviously can't tolerate that behavior as she gets older, so we are teaching her how to express herself with words.   (So far, she still prefers smacking and screaming.)

We discipline our kids to keep them safe and also to guide their thinking to some extent, so that they understand how the world works.  But what happens when they start to have opinions of their own?   Sometimes, it's just plain annoying, right?   Most of us were raised to be seen and not heard and to just do what we are told.  So, I guess I expect the same thing from my kids.  I have little to no tolerance when my kids attempt to protest or justify their behavior or when they try to negotiate when I've given them my final answer.

At the same time, deep down I admire their conviction.  I'm not one to always speak up when I should, so I relish the idea that my kids have not picked that up from me. I want them to grow into adults who speak up for themselves.  So, how do you nurture that assertiveness without creating an environment where your children are constantly challenging and questioning you? 

As parents, we have undoubtedly experienced ups and downs in life and we don't want our children to repeat our mistakes.  We're afraid of how they might hurt themselves if we don't tell them what to do and what to think.  This micro-management may be appropriate for a one year old with a smacking problem, but for older children and teenagers, we just end up handicapping them.  They must learn to problem solve on their own, to bounce back from mistakes and to accept consequences.  They have to find their own truths.  We are here to help them find their way, not necessarily to force them to go our way.

Consider the following:

"We need to realize the difference between discipline and thinking, disobedience and thinking, disrespect and thinking. Children are just people living through a smaller body. They must learn to express themselves, to understand who they are and grow into who they are through their own thoughts. Just because your children do not think as you do doesn't mean they are wrong."

Chime in!  Were you raised in an environment that didn't embrace diversity of thought?  How has that affected you?  For those of you with children, how do you find the balance between teaching your children respect and boundaries while still encouraging independent thought?
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LivSuite Presents . . . Autumn Soul Sessions Vol. 2

The ladies of Organic Fusion sent us information about a great event happening in the DC area on this Sunday, October 9th; and we wanted to pass it along to our readers who might be nearby and want to attend. The Autumn Soul Session Vol. 2 will feature Deborah Bond, Levi Stephens and Shae Fiol as the host. They flyer is below, and you can visit TheLivSuite website for more info.

Send us feedback if you guys attend! We'd love to know what you thought of the show.
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Monday, October 3, 2011

Affirmations for Hardship

When faced with difficulties, it's easy to get down on ourselves, to think negatively or to try and approach solutions through our frustration (which rarely works). When you've reached that moment when you can feel yourself teetering on edge, use these affirmations to help you to pull through, and to start to see the lesson. This way no matter how much you're shaken up, you'll be able to pull yourself together to handle your hardships with grace and poise:

I choose to see this differently. I release my negativity and I welcome a loving perspective.

I choose to view life with a perspective of gratitude.

I make the most of my current situation.

I relish using my creativity to solve problems.

I view hardship as an opportunity to test my character.

Source: unknown

I find these affirmations particularly helpful during stressful situations at work. What other types of difficulty might they be useful for?
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