Friday, January 27, 2012

Love Note - Friday 1/27/12

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Upgrade Your Life: How to Become an Early Riser


At any given time, I'm sure I could name at least ten things about my life that I would like to change.  Don't get me wrong - I appreciate my life and I focus more on what's right than what's wrong.  I know how important it is to be content with where I am right now.  But we're all works in progress and life is always willing to teach us more about what our strengths and weaknesses are.  It may sound contradictory - saying I want to change and be content with myself at the same time - but that's my reality.

There is always going to be some area of our lives that feels neglected.  And I've discovered that taking the time to pay attention to these neglected things, even in a small way, makes me feel more appreciative, more fulfilled and definitely more confident.

In this new series, "Upgrade Your Life", we'll give suggestions for how you can make small, gradual changes to impact your life in a big way.  No matter what it is you want to do, there are baby steps you can take to get there.

This first post is focused on How to  Become an Early Riser

I've never been a morning person.  Almost every morning is rushed and frantic.  I rarely have time to eat breakfast before I get to work.  I often find myself snapping at the kids and rushing them because I'm running late.  This pattern has been bothering me for awhile.

I often think about how I can steal away a little more time to myself.  It finally occurred to me that I need to start getting up earlier.  I want to have at least one hour to myself each morning to exercise, write, meditate or do whatever my heart desires before everyone gets up. This is a way for me to start the day with me, myself and I and get centered before I face the day.  This is no small task for me, as I've always been a late to bed, late to rise kind of person.  And yet I'm convinced that this change, daunting as it may seem, will be worth it.

Here's my 5 step plan:

1) Go to bed early enough to get X hours of sleep. You probably know how much sleep you need to function at your best.  I need about 7 hours most nights.  I can get away with 5 - 6 sometimes, but I try not to make a habit of that. If getting up early is a real priority, then you'll do what you have to do and make the necessary sacrifices to get to bed. 

2) Get up at the designated time no matter what.  To start off, I'm just focusing on getting up at 5 am.  I won't put any pressure on myself to get up and do this or do that.  This way I won't feel overwhelmed.  Just the effort of getting up at 5 am and staying up is an accomplishment for me. When I get up, I make myself leave my bedroom.  I keep an alarm next to my bed and one over by the door.  That way I can't rationalize as I continue to lay there in the warm bed.

3) Express the importance of this project to the family.  It's surprising how much support you get when you let it be known that you need it.  I told my family about this effort and how it was a serious thing for me, and they didn't laugh at me! When my alarm goes off now, my honey nudges me and tells me to get up. His support helps tremendously.

4) Focus on what you will get out of it.  When I say focus, I mean somewhat obsess over it.  I'm doodling "5 AM" all over my journal.  I'm writing about it.  I'm talking about it.  I'm thinking about how I will feel during that early morning hour to myself....what I'll proud of myself I will this morning treat will positively affect the rest of my day.

5)  Don't beat yourself up or give up when you oversleep.  Everyday last week I had the intention of getting up at 5 am and I didn't achieve it not once.  It was very discouraging but I kept trying.  This week has been much better.   I'm determined.  I want to prove to myself that I can set a small goal and be consistently focused on it until it becomes a real habit.  If I fall off for a day, I'm right back on it the next day, trying to get back on track.


No matter how many mistakes we make or how slow we progress, we are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.  ~Author Unknown

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Well-Meaning Folk

When are you getting married?

When are you having babies?

Weren’t you in law school? What happened?

You’re starting your own business?! But it’s a recession!

We’ve all gotten questions like these at one point or another. Seemingly harmless inquiries that can be, in fact, completely invasive and upsetting to the person expected to respond to them—for various reasons that are likely lost on the person inquiring.

The questions come from family, friends and other “well-meaning folk” with completely good intentions. They want to see us happy. To offer their experience and advice. To see us making the “right” decisions.

The problem is they are planting seeds, igniting insecurities, imposing timelines and setting additional traps on a road that’s probably a bit rocky for you already. They can’t just leave you alone because they think they are helping. What you view as probing and nay saying, they believe to be support.

Ouch. What a tough position to be in.

What you don’t want to do: be rude, shun their support or seem unappreciative.

What you DO want to do: stand firm in your conviction to do things in the way that feels right to you and to live your life on your own terms. Maybe he won’t marry you, maybe you’ll never have children, maybe you decided that law isn’t where your passion lies, and maybe your first attempt at your business will fail. But you will love again, you will find fulfillment in other familial relationships, you’ll develop a new skill and you’ll rebuild your business. Ultimately, you will gain life experience, learn invaluable lessons and discover your own strength and value. And isn’t that what the journey is really all about?

So it’s okay to accept their support, but decline to accept their opinions. It is okay to leave their questions unanswered until you have come to your own conclusions. It is okay to be secure in your decision to enjoy the ride and revel in the present without manipulation. It’s okay to daydream and to set goals without attaching anxiety to the future results. It is completely okay to NOT listen to the well meaning folk in your life. Your heart and your intuition will tell you everything you need to know. Listen to yourself.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Love Note - Friday 1/20/12

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Find Your Truth" Series - Part IX

In the ninth and final post of our ‘Find Your Truth’ series, Shaquetta shares some of her personal truths.

"Celebrate your progress.” -Shaquetta

This I Know to Be True About Relationships:

Relationships are awesome, but the first person you should be committed to is yourself. Self-commitment is the unconditional, ride-or-die, encouraging, supportive, fill-in-the-blank love for you. Relationships with others are essential to living. We need other people to survive and people who say they don’t need people need a hug. The way you treat other people and the way you allow them to treat you starts with how you treat yourself. There may be times where you have to remove yourself (temporarily or permanently) from relationships with whomever and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you love them any less but sometimes you have to check in with you. You can’t be good to anybody else if you don’t take care of yourself first. Unhealthy relationships are not sexy.

This I Know to Be True About Money:

SAVE, SAVE, SAVE--even if it’s five dollars--and don’t touch it! The keynote speaker at my honor society banquet told us he started saving for his retirement in his 20s and as soon as I got a job I was saving. If at all possible I’d like to retire sooner than later. Learning to manage your money in general is an extremely important skill for yourself and your future generations. Don’t lend any amount of money that you don’t feel comfortable with giving away. ‘No’ is a complete sentence.

This I Know to Be True About Natural Hair:

It is mine and God gave it to me this way! I won’t accept the idea that my hair is radical, unkempt, unprofessional, or anything other than my crown. Transitioning was scary at times but it’s been so worth it. Now I have nothing against chemical processing, that’s your choice, but my natural hair journey is a major inspiration for my spiritual journey. 

This I Know to Be True About Service:

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE helping other people. It’s my passion; however, I’m starting to learn that it’s okay to allow people to be responsible for their own journeys. Sometimes helping others isn’t helping, it’s enabling. It almost feels as if I’m interfering with their lesson from God and I should be telling myself “BACK UP! BACK UP!...just mind ya business, that’s all, just mind ya business” and maybe that’s my lesson. Sometimes a simple prayer is all the helping I need to do.

This I Know to Be True About My Self:

No matter where I am, as long as I love me I’ll be okay. I have to be true to myself and sometimes that can be uncomfortable, but I have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Click here to read all the entries in the Find Your Truth series.


We are so grateful to all the women who participated and shared some of the things that have become true for them as they have navigated their journeys thus far. Each post was relatable and inspiring in its own way; and--we hope—just the spark you needed to discover some personal truths of your own.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why You Should Stop Existing and Live in the Now

In this month's guest post, Pastor/Professor Lawrence Ware urges us to live, rather than simply existing.

Every morning, upon waking, Alexander the Great would have his servants tell him: One day soon you will die. This was not because Alexander the Great was morbid—for him, it was inspirational.

Dear reader, allow this to be a wake up call. Rich or poor, famous or a part of the hoi polloi, we all have a common denominator: death.

We like to think that the world will end without us. Once we are gone, we think that the Earth will stop rotating. The sky will darken. The world will freeze over.

It does not happen that way.

When we die, people will cry. They will be sad. They will post Facebook status messages about how we all need to value life—live each moment like it is our last. People will write on your Facebook wall and say how much they miss you. Silliness like “God needed another angel…” will be said—as if God needed anything. They will have your funeral, cry, and people will talk too long during the time for remarks. After it is all done, we will return to our lives; happens every time.

Why am I meditating upon death; because I want you to live. Not exist, live.

Do not live in the future. Do not put things off. Stop procrastinating.

Take that trip. Go back to school. If you love them, tell them. Notice the little things: the sound of laughter, the smell of spring, the feel of cold.


Death is certain. We do not know when, and we do not know where. All you have is this moment.

Right now: are you awake to life? Or are you just existing in it; suffering through. If so, then it is time to wake up.


Lawrence Ware is lecturing professor of philosophy at Oklahoma State University and Pastor of Christian Education at Prospect Church. He writes for Tikkun and Religion Dispatchers all while living in Oklahoma City with his wife and sons.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Don't Fix Me, Love Me


In the past, I've spent a lot of my energy feeling frustrated when my partner was not living up to my expectations.

When we love someone, we want what we think is best for them and often we don't understand their behaviors and hang ups.

We have to let people we love grow at their own pace. People do what they do until they have grown enough to do better. When we seek to change another person we set the stage for a great deal of conflict in our relationships.  The following excerpt says it perfectly.

Very often we go into relationships with the idea that we can make somebody better. We see their flaws or shortcomings and take it upon ourselves to help them fix what is wrong.
Our task in our relationships is not to fix one another. Our job is to love what we see and support one another in doing better. Fixing is telling what is wrong, why and how to fix it. Supporting is allowing our loved ones to make their own choices, being there if things go wrong and supporting them in doing better the next time.
Fixing is forcing them to do it our way when their way doesn't work. Supporting is sharing our needs and trusting that they will take them into account. Fixing is nagging. Supporting is nurturing. Fixing is anger when things get rough. Supporting is knowing things will get better.
Supporting is seeing each other exactly as we are. Fixing is seeing in them what we refuse to see in ourselves.  ~Author Unknown
Have you tried to "fix" your partner? From my experience, it causes nothing but frustration and resentment.

But how do you let go enough to let people grow on their own when you love them so much? Further, what do you do when the person's behavior is not just hurting them, but it's also having a detrimental impact on others? When is it time to step in or perhaps even walk away?

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Love Note - Friday 1/13/12

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Find Your Truth" Series - Part VIII

In the eighth post of our ‘Find Your Truth’ series, Heather shares her truth on being a new mommy.

“..People look at children as being baggage, when in reality I see my daughter as a bonus :). She adds experience to my life and is part of the package. I think as a mom you have control over whether kids are baggage or a package, ya know?” - Heather

This I know to be true about Becoming a Parent:

My entire life I was told to get married and THEN have children. I assumed that’s how my future would unfold, especially since I was more focused on my education and my career than men. Don’t get me wrong. I did date. A lot. I just didn’t settle down and perhaps hit the snooze button on my biological clock. I also focused on my faith and “hoped” to one day abstain.

When some of my friends had children without rings on their fingers, I thought marriage, like a magic wand, would make their problems disappear. I didn’t really think about all the logistics in getting to the altar. At the time, I didn’t think I was pushing my agenda down their throats or judging their decision-making skills. I thought I was being a good friend by giving what I thought to be good advice.

Like the saying goes, you have to walk a mile in someone’s shoes before you can judge them. So when I got pregnant by a long-term boyfriend (not my husband), I got a pair of size nines (flats not heels, because at the end of my third trimester, my ankles were swollen!). I still wanted to get married. I wanted to ignore the red flags and arguments and walk down the aisle clutching a bouquet full of doubts. I didn’t want to change or put in any additional work. Heck, I was already exhausted, and my iron level dropped daily. I loved the father, and that’s all that matters, right? WRONG!

After many months and many tears, I realized that what may be ideal isn’t always realistic. Sometimes you have to make the best out of your situation, even if that means parenting under two roofs and maybe even marrying someone else. My situation isn’t perfect, but the result…my daughter…is :).

Click here to read the previous seven entries in the Find Your Truth series.


Feel inspired to share some truths of your own? Send us an email at with the subject “My Truth” and let us know that you would like to be featured.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lovely Links: Push and Soar

Kim and I have been so fortunate to connect with some truly inspiring women through this blog. Lilou, the creator of Push and Soar, is our latest find and we think you'll agree that her mission is in line with ours. 

From her blog:

Push and Soar was created by Lilou, a visual artist who really understands the benefits as well as the struggles of working outside of a traditional 9-5 job. Thus she created this blog as a way to address these concerns as they pertain to herself and let others know that they are not alone on this journey to live their passion.

Lilou does a gratitude post every Monday where she shares something that she's thankful for.  I also love the Weekly Nudge where she shares a quote or positive affirmation to keep you on the right track mid-week.  She definitely speaks our language.  

I love this excerpt from her post, Hero:
When hopelessness finds its way in our lives, it’s sometimes difficult to come out of it. We might feel that we don’t have the answers or means to come out of a bad situation, we don’t have the right resources but what I believe we often forget is that we are so much stronger, courageous and resourceful than we realize.
So when you find yourself in a bad situation, instead of wishing and hoping for someone to come to pull you out, remember your strength, courage, and resourcefulness. Remember you can be to yourself that that you wish others to be to you. Remember you can survive. Remember you can thrive. Remember you can be your own hero and you can save yourself.
One distinguishing factor of Push and Soar is that Lilou is an entrepreneur and is truly focused on encouraging women to follow their passion, even if that means separating from the security of a 9 to 5.  In The Road Less Taken, she shares some of the challenges she's faced:
The decision to work outside of the traditional 9-5 setting didn't come easily. There are so many uncertainties that come along with it. Where, when and how will I get my next paycheck? How can I put my name out there? What will I do next? How will i do it? Besides all these questions that are sometimes hard to answer there are situations when the people in my life just don't seem to understand why I would decide to pursue this path filled of thorns, the road less taken.
But only those who dare to walk through the thorns and make a way for themselves can reap the rewards. The rewards can be amazing, maybe even bigger than what I anticipated but I have to believe in myself and believe in my dream. I have to keep pushing through my fears, push pass the obstacles, push even when my friends and my family don't get it. They don't have to get it. My dreams are my own and I have the right to pursue them. So I have to push even when nobody gets it. I have to PUSH and SOAR because that's my birthright!
Take a moment and visit her blog and subscribe. You can also find her on Twitter @PushnSoar.  The more positivity in your blog reader and in your timeline, the better! 
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Monday, January 9, 2012

Showcase Your Inner Pretty: Practice Loving Everyone

We love our families, our friends and our romantic partners—that’s easy. The thing that takes work is practicing loving everyone else, and letting love be the conduit for our actions at all times.

When we think of love as general positive energy, in opposition to negativity, it becomes easier to see how we can love everyone we encounter. We send love out to everyone by practicing empathy, patience and understanding.

We practice loving everyone by being giving, and sharing what we have been blessed to have with those who are less fortunate; by being of service.

We are loving when we refrain from criticizing, gossip or speaking ill of those around us who fail to behave, look or think as we believe they should.

When we meet frustration with calm, and work to sort through the problem, we are love in practice.

It’s not always easy to offer that smile when we’re upset, to engage someone when we’re tired, or to excuse behavior that offends us—but it is possible….if we practice.


I choose to see this differently. I release my negativity and I choose to view life with a perspective of love and gratitude.

In every moment I have the opportunity to choose my thoughts; I choose thoughts filled with love and forgiveness. 

I welcome energy, light and love into my heart today and I invite them to guide all my choices.

I recognize that their reaction to me isn’t about me at all. I choose to respond with love, knowing that they are suffering too.

I am love, and like attracts like.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Love Note - Friday 1/6/12

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Find Your Truth" Series - Part VII

In the seventh post of our ‘Find Your Truth’ series, Linnyette shares some of her personal truths.

“I (just turned) 50....and feel as if I have some "wisdom" to share. The journey thus far has been interesting to say the least...” - Linnyette

Relationships: This I know to be true about RELATIONSHIPS - They are VITAL to our existence. From romantic to platonic - as humans, relationships are our way to connect and stay entwined. What I've also learned is that some relationships are meant to hurt us, so that we learn lessons from them. Some relationships are put into our lives to truly bring us joy… and others are placed in front of us so that we can give 'em the proverbial "side eye"..and keep things moving!!

Money: This I know to be true about MONEY: It is NOT the root of all evil. Money is a mechanism… a conduit of sorts. If you understand how money works, you'll allow it to work for YOU. My Nana always told me to keep my own stash of "little black money" - her terminology for "girl - always have your OWN cash". I work hard for my $$$$$ and I'm not going to allow anyone to take it from me.

Friendships: This I know to be true about FRIENDSHIPS: The right ones, the ones you will keep for life, are very much like the ebb and flow of the tides. When you have a great friend - you will always be in tune with them, and even if you don't chat for a minute or see each other face-to-face...the moment you "connect", it will be as if no time has passed and you'll pick up right from where you left off.

Men: This I know to be true about MEN: They're not a trip. They are an entire EXCURSION! Men are more sensitive than women, have the most fragile of egos, NEED affirmation and confirmation about their masculinity, are babies when they get sick, have the propensity to get MORE jealous than any woman ever could...yet they are the "yin" to our "yang", the link that completes our circle of life. In short - men are wonderfully complex, diversely different and a sight to behold. God did a good thing when He made 'em!!

Job/Career: This I know to be true about CAREER: It's what you make it. Whether you work a 9-5 or are an entrepreneur - you have to WANT to do the work - the hard, the exasperating, the complicated. At the end of the day - you need to be able to look at the fruits of your labor and be PROUD. And if you are trying to step out on your own to create an enterprise - stop hesitating and be like Nike: JUST DO IT!

When I started my business almost 20 years was a leap of faith. But I didn't want to have "shoulda, woulda, coulda". Running my own show has been the best thing ever for me. It's given me an incredibly strong backbone, it's shown me that the American Dream is POSSIBLE and it's taught my kids that they too, can be their own boss. Most importantly - it's really defined my notion of "self". Through this experience, I've come to realize that I'm a pretty formidable chick. And that's a very good thing.

Children: This I know to be true about CHILDREN: They are miniature representations of who we are. While they carry our genetic strands...they also mirror our personalities. Being a mother - best thing ever for me! My children give me pause, give me reason to rationally think situations out, give me incentive to push harder. I look at my son and daughter...and I see me. I look at my children… and I see the future.

Diet: This I know to be true about DIET: You gotta love the skin you are in! When I was younger and before I had my kids… I was tiny...a single digit sista. But as I've gotten older - my body changed. At first, I lamented over the extra pounds, the bigger boobs and the double chin. I tried every diet you can name to get rid of those pounds....some would come off, but invariably - they would return. Now....I'm in the mode of being healthy and fit. And that's got nothing to do with my dress size.

Your Self: This I know to be true about SELF: There's only one of me. And I love her without question. I refuse to let anyone take me anywhere I don't want to go. The woman I am at 50 is a helluva lot different than the chica I was at 20. Man....I used to put up with some serious bullshaat… not any more. I have learned that people only do to you - what you ALLOW them to. So… in my world, I don't tolerate the crazy, the foolish, the stupid, the ignorant. Anyone who comes at me with that mess is promptly shown the "door". That's my rule - and I'm sticking to it!!!!

Click here to read the previous six entries in the Find Your Truth series.

Feel inspired to share some truths of your own? Send us an email at with the subject “My Truth” and let us know that you would like to be featured.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

PLPT Reading List - January

In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want

I don't remember who gave me this book years ago, but I can tell you that it sat on my bookshelf for months if not years before I ever picked it up.  Terms like "finding yourself" sounded so cheesy to me when I got this book and I just wasn't in a place yet where I wanted to explore it.  I wish now that I could thank that person, because this book was one of the biggest eye openers of my young adult life. 

Iyanla Vanzant speaks candidly about her experiences with life and loving relationships - including the one with self.  I remember reading this book and wondering how she could possibly know my initimate feelings so well.  I was so lost at the time: self-destructive, co-dependent, unhappy and unaware.

Many of us are brought up focusing on pleasing everyone around us and thinking that our worth is based on what others think of us. This book is about clearing out all of the negative emotions and perceptions that we develop growing up, so that we can see ourselves clearly and develop our own sense of self.  It's not easy to take the blinders off and sort through the behavioral patterns that are holding us back, but this book helped me to break down mental barriers that I didn't even know were there.

My copy is now worn out with yellowed pages and highlights and scribble throughout.  You can purchase your copy here.

To Read

This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women
I first saw this book on the desk of one of my coworkers and was immediately intrigued.  I'm fascinated with life and spirituality and how people make sense of this crazy world that we live in.  Here's a quick description of the book:

Based on the NPR series of the same name, This I Believe features eighty Americans--from the famous to the unknown--completing the thought that the book's title begins. Each piece compels readers to rethink not only how they have arrived at their own personal beliefs but also the extent to which they share them with others.

The result is a stirring and provocative trip inside the minds and hearts of a diverse group of people whose beliefs--and the incredibly varied ways in which they choose to express them--reveal the American spirit at its best.

This book is sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read.  As I become more and more comfortable with my own unique beliefs and my approach to life, it only increases my interest in other people's stories.  Have you read this book?  You can read more about this book and other This I Believe books by Dan Gediman by clicking here.
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

PLPT GEMS: Meet Tarin

PLPT GEMS Presents
Tarin Boone
Naturalista. New Media Maven. Trailblazer.

Tell us about your natural hair journey. Have you always been natural or did you transition or BC?

I have been natural going on six years in April 2012. My last relaxer was for my senior prom in May 2005. I transitioned for 11 months and cut my past shoulder length relaxed hair off to just at my ear lobes. I was inspired by

You now run a very successful event, ‘Fro Fashion Week, which occurs twice per year in Atlanta, GA. What inspired you to launch a full scale natural hair event?

I was inspired by New York Fashion Week and reading the history. I felt no one says “hey these are the trends for natural hair” outside of little articles here and there. I didn't want ‘Fro Fashion Week to be another hair show or expo. I grew up in event planning and expos and I know what it entails to set one up so I wanted to come completely from left field with ‘Fro Fashion Week. It's upscale, it's new media, and it’s FUN. I wanted to take the natural hair conversation out of convention centers and restaurants, and off the computer -- into a production almost.

‘Fro Fashion Week has created quite a buzz throughout the natural hair community; you have major bloggers, brands, speakers and sponsors involved; and you draw attendance from all over the country. Is this the vision that you had when you were starting out? How did you know you had an idea--and a plan--that would work?

Yes this is exactly how I envisioned it. What was a surprise, though, was the international audience. I'm now getting travel visa inquiries from women in various countries in Africa such as Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana. We had women come from Jamaica and Bermuda--that was truly mind blowing. I'm still learning and growing and tweaking what works, what could be expanded. I have an end result in mind and now that it has been launched and has a track record I'm just building on the foundation.

Is running ‘Fro Fashion Week your full time career? How do you balance it with your other responsibilities? What advice would you offer to others about achieving balance?

‘Fro Fashion Week is just a branch of my company. It is becoming a huge branch but it is a subsidiary of my company Naturally Me! Media LLC which is comprised of a free mobile app, resource website:, online social network:, and It can be very challenging juggling all of those hats but I am a master at multi tasking. I like the challenge because I hate monotony.

Who is your support system? How do they contribute to your passion?

My support system is definitely my family and fiancé. They could have just let me go out and attempt all my crazy ideas on my own but whenever I need them they are right there, sleeves rolled up and ready to work to make the vision come to life. In business, people always have their own agendas and motives but I know at all times my family has my best interest at heart; and that they are willing to fight and carry out my dream just like I am. I keep them very close. My mom instills all the event planning and business knowledge in me and also helps me set limits. I am very creative and can often times get caught up in my imagination; she is there to bring me back to reality and hone in the general concept I'm going for. My mom was the one who, while I was beginning to get depressed about not finding a job after college, told me to create my own job. I could always go work for someone but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of being in business for yourself?

The most fulfilling and the scariest part is knowing that you don't have to answer to anyone. It's very empowering because you are the decision maker. It's also very scary and nerve wracking because those decisions--good or bad--fall back on you and you have to be accountable for them.

What advice would you offer to others who are searching for their purpose or are afraid to take the first step towards their dreams?

Pray and be still. It's hard to make a decision on what you need to do in your life if you are constantly asking other people or making yourself busy. I was put in a place where I had no choice but to be still. God completely slowed me down for 6 months after I graduated college: no work, no money, no job offers… just in a wilderness. If your life feels like that, now is the time to pray and look at skills you already possess. Take stock of what you innately know, what you have learned maybe through school or formal training, and skills other people may compliment you on. What I find, is that the answer is normally right in front of you. By the time you reach that still place and can be reflective over your life you will start to see how things along your life path were set up to be used for this very moment. Once you step out on faith God will send you the tools and people you need that to complete the project.

How can our readers connect with you?

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