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"Find Your Truth" Series - Part VII

In the seventh post of our ‘Find Your Truth’ series, Linnyette shares some of her personal truths.

“I (just turned) 50....and feel as if I have some "wisdom" to share. The journey thus far has been interesting to say the least...” - Linnyette

Relationships: This I know to be true about RELATIONSHIPS - They are VITAL to our existence. From romantic to platonic - as humans, relationships are our way to connect and stay entwined. What I've also learned is that some relationships are meant to hurt us, so that we learn lessons from them. Some relationships are put into our lives to truly bring us joy… and others are placed in front of us so that we can give 'em the proverbial "side eye"..and keep things moving!!

Money: This I know to be true about MONEY: It is NOT the root of all evil. Money is a mechanism… a conduit of sorts. If you understand how money works, you'll allow it to work for YOU. My Nana always told me to keep my own stash of "little black money" - her terminology for "girl - always have your OWN cash". I work hard for my $$$$$ and I'm not going to allow anyone to take it from me.

Friendships: This I know to be true about FRIENDSHIPS: The right ones, the ones you will keep for life, are very much like the ebb and flow of the tides. When you have a great friend - you will always be in tune with them, and even if you don't chat for a minute or see each other face-to-face...the moment you "connect", it will be as if no time has passed and you'll pick up right from where you left off.

Men: This I know to be true about MEN: They're not a trip. They are an entire EXCURSION! Men are more sensitive than women, have the most fragile of egos, NEED affirmation and confirmation about their masculinity, are babies when they get sick, have the propensity to get MORE jealous than any woman ever could...yet they are the "yin" to our "yang", the link that completes our circle of life. In short - men are wonderfully complex, diversely different and a sight to behold. God did a good thing when He made 'em!!

Job/Career: This I know to be true about CAREER: It's what you make it. Whether you work a 9-5 or are an entrepreneur - you have to WANT to do the work - the hard, the exasperating, the complicated. At the end of the day - you need to be able to look at the fruits of your labor and be PROUD. And if you are trying to step out on your own to create an enterprise - stop hesitating and be like Nike: JUST DO IT!

When I started my business almost 20 years was a leap of faith. But I didn't want to have "shoulda, woulda, coulda". Running my own show has been the best thing ever for me. It's given me an incredibly strong backbone, it's shown me that the American Dream is POSSIBLE and it's taught my kids that they too, can be their own boss. Most importantly - it's really defined my notion of "self". Through this experience, I've come to realize that I'm a pretty formidable chick. And that's a very good thing.

Children: This I know to be true about CHILDREN: They are miniature representations of who we are. While they carry our genetic strands...they also mirror our personalities. Being a mother - best thing ever for me! My children give me pause, give me reason to rationally think situations out, give me incentive to push harder. I look at my son and daughter...and I see me. I look at my children… and I see the future.

Diet: This I know to be true about DIET: You gotta love the skin you are in! When I was younger and before I had my kids… I was tiny...a single digit sista. But as I've gotten older - my body changed. At first, I lamented over the extra pounds, the bigger boobs and the double chin. I tried every diet you can name to get rid of those pounds....some would come off, but invariably - they would return. Now....I'm in the mode of being healthy and fit. And that's got nothing to do with my dress size.

Your Self: This I know to be true about SELF: There's only one of me. And I love her without question. I refuse to let anyone take me anywhere I don't want to go. The woman I am at 50 is a helluva lot different than the chica I was at 20. Man....I used to put up with some serious bullshaat… not any more. I have learned that people only do to you - what you ALLOW them to. So… in my world, I don't tolerate the crazy, the foolish, the stupid, the ignorant. Anyone who comes at me with that mess is promptly shown the "door". That's my rule - and I'm sticking to it!!!!

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