Saturday, October 29, 2011

Musical Inspiration: Artists You Should Know

Were any of you able to attend the Autumn Soul Session Vol. 2 that went down in DC in early October? 

This event featured two up and coming artists that you definitely should check out:

Vol. 2 of the Autumn Soul Session featured the self-proclaimed "people watcher, dreamer and lover of philosophy", Debórah Bond (pronounced De-BOR-rah).  She credits Anita Baker, Chaka Khan, and Sade as the roots which shaped her sound. Her unique and "eclectic mix of R&B, funk and British soul" receives accolades from fans and critics worldwide. The debut album "DayAfter", and the remix album "AfterDay", established Deborah Bond's reputation as both a deeply sensitive, spiritual, sincere artist and a funky diva with captivating stage presence. Check out the video for the single"See You In My Dreams", currently in heavy rotation on VH1 Soul.

Deborah and her band/production team Third Logic are proud to announce the release of Madam Palindrome (7/17). This album is a confident, bold, and artistic creative statement.  The new single from Madam Palindrome "You Are the One" is now available on itunes and Debórah and her band take pride in creating music that has no boundaries, that goes beyond age, race, or creed.

Armed with his guitar, Levi Stephens chooses to follow in the tradition of those classic singer-songwriters that came before. Levi is an acoustic soul singer-songwriter who is intent on making a difference through his music by crafting songs that evoke an array of emotions and connect him to his audience by fostering a sense of familiarity through a shared laugh, shared heartache and a shared love of song. His debut album, “This Way” goes far beyond the confines of R&B and seamlessly melds a variety of genres, from soul to rock to gospel to folk.  Check out Levi's music here and here and visit his website here


The artist overviews above are from the official press release by TheLiveSuite.   Follow Organic Fusion on twitter @organic_fusion or go to their website to stay abreast of live musical events and more independent artists you should know! 


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