Monday, October 3, 2011

Affirmations for Hardship

When faced with difficulties, it's easy to get down on ourselves, to think negatively or to try and approach solutions through our frustration (which rarely works). When you've reached that moment when you can feel yourself teetering on edge, use these affirmations to help you to pull through, and to start to see the lesson. This way no matter how much you're shaken up, you'll be able to pull yourself together to handle your hardships with grace and poise:

I choose to see this differently. I release my negativity and I welcome a loving perspective.

I choose to view life with a perspective of gratitude.

I make the most of my current situation.

I relish using my creativity to solve problems.

I view hardship as an opportunity to test my character.

Source: unknown

I find these affirmations particularly helpful during stressful situations at work. What other types of difficulty might they be useful for?


Candice said...

ooh! I am going to use these. Life has been especially crazy over the past few months and I need to do something to stop these anxiety attacks ;-/

Kim Jackson said...

Let us know how they work for you, Candice. Taking a time out for some deep breathing exercises often helps as well.

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