Monday, October 31, 2011

Affirmations for Energy

We each have those mornings where we wake up and feel completely lacking in energy. Whether it is due to the past night’s activities, the change in weather, or a restless night—there are some days when it requires an extra boost to get out of bed.

While you can energize your physical self with vitamins, exercise and a healthy breakfast; it’s necessary to energize your mind as well so that you can productively tackle all the items on your “to do” list for the day. Not to mention that what your mind believes is the key to how well you accomplish everything else--you'll never make it to the physical exercise if you don't believe you have the energy to push through a workout; you won't eat well if you don't believe your body deserves to be treated well today.

So how do you energize your mind? Affirmations, like the ones below, can help:

I welcome energy, light and love into my heart today, and I allow them to guide all my choices.

I call in all the creative energy needed to beautifully execute my work.

I feel completely charged today as my vital energy resurfaces to work on my behalf.

I am healthy and fit and full of life.

I enjoy healthy food that is good for me. I eat for nourishment, instead of pleasure.

I express gratitude to the Universe for all the energy that surrounds me, and I draw on it for use today; where I am lacking, may the Universe fill in the gap.

What helps you to recharge when your energy level is low?


Anonymous said...

Mondays are the worst! I recharge my energy by listening to some upbeat music. Music picks me up anytime but especially on my way to work. Would you believe "It's Raining Men" was playing? Not only did it pick me up hearing a song from the past it also made me smile thinking what would happen if it was really raining men and every woman went out and got "absolutely soaking wet"? Hilarious!

Kim Jackson said...

LOL! Music and laughter are definitely the best pick-me-ups. Thank you for sharing!

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