Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pretty Things: Lovely Links for Style and Beauty Inspiration

"There is no law that says that
a person of inner beauty cannot
also maintain an appearance."
~Robert Brault

As much as we love everything about peace and love and personal growth, we also love PRETTY THINGS. We believe it's important to take care of yourself inside and out -- and to the extent that you can control your environment; your surroundings should also be beautiful and reflect who you are inside.

We love the following blogs for the daily fashion, style and beauty inspiration that they provide.  Always true to our ethos, we also love these blogs for their focus on self-fulfillment, expression and creativity.

The Simply Luxurious Life was created by Shannon Ables.  She posts loveliness Monday through Friday, and I never miss a post.  They are full of visual and verbal appetizers that remind me that despite how frazzled and overworked I feel most of the time; I'm a graceful and enlightened creature who deserves a luxurious life.  That luxury is defined by me in terms of who I am, how I choose to feel, and how I choose to express myself.   

Here's what she says about how she came to create her blog: "I decided to share my passions, approaches and ideas as a way to help others find their passion in life by clearing out the clutter and bringing in the luxurious necessities that can enliven and inspire each day no matter what one's income, location or situation."

Recent posts you will love: 
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Following Natural Belle on her blog or tumblr will give you all the fashion and hair inspiration that you could ever need.

From her bio: "Natural hair and style blogger since 2008; Belle of Naturalbelle is a British natural who documents her hair journey and highlights natural beauty and style in the mainstream. She describes her blog as "an online magazine inspired by natural hair and fashion with a bit of narcissism thrown in.  Her main aim is to inspire women to embrace their natural assets and highlight the beauty of all natural women."

I get so much inspiration from the beautiful images she shares on her sites.  When I was initially getting used to having natural hair, her site was one that showed me the extensive diversity of it.  More than that, I found her site at a time when I needed to reconnect with my sense of creativity and self-expression.  If you love modern and retro style, fashion and hair - you will love Natural Belle.

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Tiffany was just featured as one of our GEMS last week, and I could not do this post without including her lovely blog.   Her story is so inspirational and should convey to everyone who reads it that it is possible to create the time and space to do the things we love AND get paid for doing them!

From her blog: "ACCIDENTAL Chic is an inside look at Tiffani's life as a fashion stylist and interior decorator. She gives advice for timeless style, along with the latest trends and has a devotion to living a beautiful life." 

We were fortunate enough to meet Tiffani last year at an event in DC and she has a beautiful spirit that compliments her approach to style, interior design and life.  You will find that her warmth and her love for what she does comes across through her blog.

Recent posts you will love:

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What are some of your favorite fashion, style and beauty blogs?  With so many out there, what makes your favorites stand out??


MerelyMarie said...

Wow!!! I'm loving "The Simply Luxurious Life!" Great style visuals!!! Thanks for sharing:)

GG said...

I know, right!! It's definitely one of my favorite blogs. It marries fashion and self-image and lifestyle inspiration. In my book, you can't go wrong with that!

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