Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pretty Things: My Winter Beauty Arsenal for Smooth Skin

Hello Beautiful Ones! I have vowed to myself that this winter I will not let my skin get all scaly and stubbly and dry. I will not put lotion just on the skin that is showing. I will not walk around with ashy hands and dry cuticles. I will be soft and supple and smooth! I wanted to share with you all a few of the products I'm using to keep my skin moisturized and touchable without breaking the bank.

1. Amlactin - This is hands down my beauty find of the year. Amlactin Moisturizing Body Lotion contains an alpha-hydroxy acid (12%) that exfoliates and moisturizes very dry skin. It's recommended for the treatment of Keratosis Pilaris, which I've always had and never knew that it was an actual skin condition. You know those little "chicken" bumps that some people get on the backs of their arms? I get them on my arms, and thighs sometimes and I also get acne on my upper back. I've only been using this lotion for a week and THE BUMPS ARE GONE.

On top of that, my skin is so so smooth - even  hours after application. I also read here and here that other women bloggers that I follow have seen improvement in stretch marks and dark marks which makes sense because it significantly speeds up the cell turnover in your skin. It's fragrance free and the consistency is not thick at all, so it smooths into the skin very easily. You can find it online or in stores and the price seems to range between $16 - $25 for a bottle depending on where you get it.

2. Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash - There are tons of expensive exfoliating scrubs out there, but you're probably overlooking this gem that is right under your nose at your local drugstore. I love it because it's not too harsh and gives me just the right amount of scrub. It smells amazing and feels luxurious. Also, when you wash it off, your skin already feels moisturized before you put all your lotions and oils on. You just can't be mad at it for less than five bucks.

3. Bio Oil - We all know that there's no true way to completely get rid of stretch marks, but we can minimize them through different methods. I kept hearing about Bio Oil so I decided to give it a try. The website says that it smooths and tones scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone and is also effective for dehydrated and aging skin. With consistent use, I found that the texture of my skin improved and my stretch mark seemed less raised, if that makes sense. I tend to be heavy handed with it, so I'd use it up really fast and the stuff is not cheap (about $10 or $11 for 2 oz!) I keep buying it though because it works. Now, I plan on using it in tandem with Amlactin. I don't plan on putting them on at the same time. I'll probably use Amlactin at night and Bio Oil in the morning or vice versa.  We'll see.

4. Nivea Soft Hand Cream - I keep a tube of this at my desk at work, in my purse, and on my kitchen sink. I'm sure there are tons of hand lotions out there that get the job done, but I particularly like this one because it doesn't have a strong smell, it doesn't leave my hands feeling oily or sticky and of course, it moisturizes very well.  I must admit that I've always like Nivea because my mom used to use it. *shrugs* Oh, and it's cheap.

5. Exfoliating Gloves - I use these instead of using a loofah or poof in the shower. In my opinion, they give me the best scrub down and I really need the works for my skin. I use these along with the Caress Exfoliating Body Wash. Now, if I'm taking a night time and morning shower, which lately I often do, I won't use the gloves or the exfoliating wash for both. Most likely, I'll exfoliate at night (with the gloves and Caress) and then shave in the morning (and just use regular Dove soap to wash). By the way, what do you use to shave? I usually use a cheap Suave conditioner from the dollar store.

What beauty products and tips do you have for keeping your skin soft and smooth throughout the cold months??   Do tell!!


Jami said...

I use shea butter year round, tho I have started giving the side-eye to the real yellow shea butter. I think I will begin to look for what I believe is Authentic/genuine shea butter. I use Eucerin for my hands. I used to use Neutrogena hand cream. Both are good. And I use a depilatory cream by Veet, but I wipe it off in shower. I don't use that thingy that comes with; sharp or pointed objects during shaving I think cause bumps and dry skin. I also like Bio Oil and the gloves. But I will def'ly try the Amlactin. peace.

♥ CG ♥ said...

Hey GG! Great suggestions. I've used all but the Nivea cream, so that will be next :-)

♥ CG ♥ said...

oops...didn't dawn on me until I hit send that I didn't share my faves. I like to use jojoba and argan oil on my face. They seem to really work well with my skin type and don't cause acne. I also use a combo of oils on my hands, they get so doggone dry. It's a surprise that I'm not an oily

Felicia said...

I cover myself in shea butter($10 for giant tub on 125th!) since NYC winters are no joke.
I also dry brush at night before showers and baths. I'm always being told how soft I am so I guess it works :)

GG said...

Thanks for sharing ladies! Shea Butter is definitely a favorite, isn't it?

Grapeseed oil is also great for oil cleansing the face and for a moisturizer for the face b/c it's so light.

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