Monday, November 14, 2011

3 Ways to Drink to Your Health

There are tons of ways to ensure you’re taking in the amount of vitamins your body needs, and one of my favorite methods of vitamin intake is to drink them. It cuts down on the amount of pills to swallow, you can conquer your hunger without feeling the heaviness we sometimes experience after a meal, and liquids are easier to take with you on-the-go. Here are three ways to drink to your health.

Hot or Cold Tea

In addition to being a comfort beverage, many teas have healing properties*.

White tea is high in antioxidants, is said to support healthy skin and detoxification, and has very little caffeine (about 1% of that in a cup of coffee).

Green tea is also high in antioxidants, is said to give your immune system a boost, and has little caffeine—though more than what is typically found in white teas (about 5-10% of that in a cup of coffee).

Red tea or Rooibos tea aids in digestion and is naturally caffeine free.

Black tea can give you an energy boost, and has about 20% of the caffeine found in coffee, so it’s a great substitute for that morning cup of Joe (try Tazo Awake tea). It’s also said to promote cardiovascular health.


Smoothies are a cold, yummy treat that are so good, you don’t even notice that you're having something healthy! But they are—and the great thing is you can combine any number of fruits, veggies and yogurts to make them your own. You can add supplements like protein or energy powders, or even caffeine to help jump start your day; you can drink a fruit smoothie as a snack or in-between meals to help you feel full; and you can even have a smoothie as a healthy dessert.

Make your smoothie at home in a blender by combining your favorite frozen fruits, Greek yogurt and ice chips.

Keep your fridge stocked with pre-made smoothies with specific properties like the Bolthouse Farms brand. My favorite is Green Goodness which has 8 servings of both fruits and vegetables.

No time to buy groceries? Visit someplace like Smoothie King, instead of Starbucks, during your morning commute and put together your own smoothie chock full of all the ingredients you need to “stay healthy, trim down, get energy, shape up, snack right, or indulge”—your choice.


Probiotics are said to be “healthy” bacteria that help to maintain the balance of micro-organisms living within our bodies. According to studies, they can aid in digestive and immune function and contribute to overall health.

One (pseudo controversial) source of probiotics is Kombucha**, and most people either love it or hate it. An aged tea elixir, it is said to provide the healthy enzymes needed to replenish much needed energy and to restore health. While it is supposed to be very good for you, Kombucha does not taste very good; you’ll definitely want to drink to your health and not for taste.

These are a few of the things that I consume to stay energized and healthy. What are some of your favorite ways to drink to your health?

*Tea facts pulled from the Teavana website.
**There were some warnings issued against the classic version of this beverage, citing that it contained small amounts of alcohol. Since then, a second formula has been released, the Enlightened version, that is said to be suitable for consumption by all ages.


Anonymous said...

I hate to be a bore but I ADORE water!! Get it ? Bore -- adore --- corny I know, like water. But seriously, it tastes great and is good for you. I drink so much water that when I have not had enough in a day my body takes it out on me. I get terribly thirsty and loose my energy. Smoothies are awesome for breakfast. I mix mine with vanilla yogurt, soy milk and frozen fruit--they are yummsies.

Kim Jackson said...

Anon, I actually giggled while reading your comment. LOL. Yes, water is fantastic for the body. I actually keep a huge bottle at my desk during the day to sip from. And that smoothie DOES sound yummsies! I used to make mine the same way. Before my blender broke (another story for another day).

Thank you for sharing!

Laila said...

I started to drink smoothies over the summer and they were great. Now I drink a lot of teas and water. I like the idea of pre-making smoothies to save time.

Kim Jackson said...

That is a really smart idea, Laila--making enough smoothie in advance to last you awhile will definitely save time. Thanks for the tip!

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