Thursday, November 17, 2011

Black Girls Who Rock: 3 Bloggers You Should Know

I was reading one of my various hair and beauty blogs awhile back and someone commented on how there are so few blogs by black women that are focused on inner beauty and personal development.

Huh?! (in my best Kanye West voice)

That comment reminded me that there is still a huge audience that we have yet to reach.  And when I say we, I mean Kim and I, as well as all the other positive black women out there who are passionate about uplifting each other.   As I watched Black Girls Rock last week, I was so proud of our blog and so thankful for any positive impact that we may have on our readers. 

If you love this blog and have had a hard time finding others like it, we want to inform you.  If you have a blog or website that is designed to empower and inspire black women, we want to salute you.  And if you have lost faith in sisterhood, and think that women don't know how to respect and support each other, we want to educate you.

As such, today we're highlighting three bloggers who we love and who share our passion for inspiring women.

Dreamer. Lover of life. Goal getter. These are just a few words to describe Jamie Fleming-Dixon, a South Carolina-based copywriter and blogger.

Jamie’s intention is to empower her readers, inspire them to live their most fabulous lives and to motivate them to reach for their dreams and goals.

In addition to FCG, Jamie owns a copywriting service, Mocha Writer, where she specializes in creating fabulous copy and content for small, women-owned businesses.

Some of our favorite posts:

Mind of a Diva serves as a vessel that's redefining what it means to be a diva through the life and thoughts of a woman in her twenties. There is so much that we have to deal with as we make the transition from childhood into adulthood, and this is my story along with those of the people around me. 

Some of our favorite posts:

"I think our generation is more aware that we don’t want to spend our prime years working in jobs we hate, or buying needless crap to fill the empty spaces in our hearts, and asking ourselves, “Is this it?”

My thought process when creating this space: “If I feel there is something more out there, then other people must feel it too. And if they feel it, they might want to talk about it.”

I’m on a mission to build an online community that connects people who want  to build kick-ass lives for themselves."

Some of our favorite posts:

To find more black women who aim to inspire, check out Rosetta's 50 Blogs by Happy Black Women.  

Stay tuned for more of our favorites in future posts!


Jami said...

I found this blog through a CurlyNikki post. And thank you for pointing me to more. Much Success to you in your mission! Peace.

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