Tuesday, January 29, 2013


L to R: GG, Kimmie, Mrs. Sands (our silent partner!)

It's been quiet around here lately, hasn't it? You may have noticed that we haven't posted anything in a few weeks. (We hope that you've noticed!) We're both doing just fine and our absence has not been arbitrary at all. Matter of fact, we've decided to take an extended break from the blog and it's time that we brought you up to speed. 

When we started Peace Love and Pretty Things in July of 2009, we didn't know what would come of it, but it was exactly what we both needed at the time. We both loved to write but were new to blogging and having an online presence. I don't think either of us ever expected that blogging would increase our creative confidence so much or expose us to so many opportunities. Both of us are now doing freelance work part-time (that we love!) and have our own separate blogs and visions. 

Our lives have become so busy with our work, families and personal endeavors that the time we had to collaborate on PLPT has dwindled significantly. When we would try to get together to talk shop about the blog, we'd end up catching up on each other's lives and just enjoying the comfort of friendship. Our sisterhood always comes first and if we have limited time with each other, business is going to fall by the wayside everytime.

So although we still have a similar vision on where we'd like to take the blog in the future, for now we're taking a step back to focus on other projects and of course, to focus on our friendship. The blog and all the archives will still be here as well as our Facebook page. You can still reach us jointly @PeaceLovePretty and separately @PishPoshPerf (Kim) and @GGReneeWrites (GG). We don't know when we'll be back or when we'll have updates for you, so we hope you'll check back occasionally.

For those of you who aren't familiar, you can also keep up with us on our personal blogs:

Pish Posh Perfect is a life and style blog, whose moniker was actually inspired by my son's mocking me about wanting everything to be "pish posh perfect", as he puts it, with my style and in our home! But because I know there are other women out there with similar cravings for beauty and order, I decided to create a space where I could share bits of my healthy, style savvy life; and offer tips to help you to navigate yours as well. It is my hope that you will feel comfortable enough to also share your thoughts and ideas with me. After all, we fabulous ladies have to stick together, right?! So here's to a healthy, stylish and well-organized life!
All the Many Layers is a personal blog authored by me, GG Renee. Freelance writer and blogger under the influence of three children and conflicting priorities. Known for talking about hair and the meaning of life and somehow making the two subjects seem completely intertwined. I’m into wiggling, squeezing people and not answering the phone. If I could bottle peace of mind and dump gallons and gallons of it into the world's water supply, I would. Since I haven't figured that out yet, I share what I know about it with whoever will listen. I just started an advice column called Ask GG, I’m condensed to 140 characters @GGReneeWrites, and I sprinkle love dust on people when they’re not looking. So watch your back.

We're both hoping that you will keep in touch!!

Lots of Love,
GG and Kim


J Brown said...

Peace Love and Pretty Things was a catapult for your individual successes. You both have grown since the start of this blog and now bigger dreams call to your attention. The Universe works in such a wonderful way that it gives you what you ask for plus so much more! I wish you ladies the best and continued success in your journeys and thank you for being so sincere. Inspired.

GG Renee said...

Thanks so much, J Brown! The future is looking very bright and we're looking forward to learning & sharing more. Please keep in touch! xoxo

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