Thursday, January 3, 2013

Most Popular PLPT Posts of 2012

As 2013 rolls in, so does another year of blogging for GG and I, and we're eternally grateful for all of you who have been around since the beginning, as well as those of you that have joined us along the way. We so appreciate your reading, commenting, tweeting, Facebooking, and emailing--and we hope you'll continue to roll with us online in the new year!

With every reset in time comes the opportunity to reflect, and so must we on the musings we've written herein. It's always interesting to see what you have liked and responded to, and it seems that the following three posts were your faves in 2012. Hopefully they will inspire someone who hasn't read them previously. Enjoy and here's to an amazing 2013!

Most popular posts in 2012:
6 Soul Searching Questions You Need to Ask Yourself
Pretty Things: Natural in the Summer
What Strong Women Do

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Heather Hopson said...

I'm going to go back and reread these posts in case I missed anything! May you continue to spread peace, love and pretty things in 2013!

Anonymous said...

I say a big amen to that. Thank u for blessing us with ur beautifUl thoughts. My favourite piece from last year is "what strong women do" I read it when I was recovering from a bad break up, after reading it I spoKe to my weak soul, cos I had to fight for my life. Thank u again.

Anonymous said...

Hello ma'am it been a while, I hope you are fine?

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