Monday, July 23, 2012

The Argument FOR Joining a Faith Community

I strongly believe in God.

I strongly believe that God is best approached communally.

There is something powerful about having people who believe similarly approaching God collectively. I think there is power in being a part of a spiritual family—a faith community.

We live in a very individualistic culture. We are often isolated, in front of a television or computer screen, wondering why we feel alone. We long for connection, but do not know where to start. Try joining a faith community.

I say faith community, because I am not talking just about Christianity. No matter our spiritual beliefs, almost all traditions encourage living in community.

Join a church. Join a Mosque. Join a discussion group that meets more than monthly. Live life with others who are growing spiritually.

Seek God alone, but also with others—and allow God to find you.

A special note for Christians:

Far too often, I see people choosing not be a part of a faith community because they do not agree with what a particular church teaches. I understand that; however, understand that not all faith communities are the same.

Each denomination varies greatly. If you are angered by the anti-science, homophobic stance many churches take, then be encouraged. I am an ordained minister and I agree with you. Find a community that reflects your values and principles.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that every church is the same. Try many out, and you will find the right one for you.

- Lawrence Ware
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jessj said...

With all the "strange" things that I go through especially as it relates to faith and spirituality, I had a nun (and professor and mentor) say to me, "do you have a community?" I told her no. She said, "Have you asked for one?"

Her words were so simple but resounded like an echo through a canyon. If we believe, whatever it is we believe, have we simply asked for a group of people we can share in those beliefs with?

Kim Jackson said...

Great point, Jess. I think we automatically assume a "church or nothing" attitude, but no matter our beliefs it's important to connect with our "tribe" on some level to help discuss, affirm, support, regroup, etc...In a way, that's what GG and I strive to do here. It's not the same as in-person, but it's a forum to connect.

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