Monday, November 16, 2009

Magic Happens When...

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with trying to figure things out that we forget to take time to live in the moment and appreciate the small things that make life so sweet; the seemingly insignificant, but magical things that we encounter every day that can transform us in ways we don't even recognize. I came across this in one of my weekly emails and it reminded me to always search for the magic in life.

Magic Happens when:

* Women gather. Whether it be a sacred gathering in intimate circles, closed covens or wonderfully open Goddess Conferences*, women conjure magical connections between heart and humanity, young and old, the hurt and the healthy. Likewise, they do the same when they gather at play-groups, in supermarket aisles, at beaches, at fashion shows, or even in the kitchen around a steaming coffee pot. Magically, feelings of isolation disappear, balance is restored, and the world is safe in the hearts of these women.

* Children laugh. A laughing child is the epitome of innocence and pure happiness. A child's laugh is not contrived or forced. It flows instinctively and with the pure chi energy of the heart. A child's laugh is a sacred measure of purity and emotional health. When you hear a child's peals of laughter and you feel a burst of happiness that flows through you... well, that's magical.

* Fortuna smiles. Knowing that you deserve the best is the easiest way to have Lady Luck smile upon you. You are lucky when you get lost but find a new, prettier route to your destination. You are lucky when you lose your job but end up being able to live your passion in more fulfilling ways. You are lucky when you become single for suddenly the ocean is full of fish! Those with joyful intentions are rewarded with success and prosperity, so stay positive for magical outcomes.

* Humanity unites. When the news headlines are dominated by sporting and personal achievements as we're seeing in the Olympic Games, I feel a magical bond to every brother and sister in every town, state and country. Broadcasters place war and sadness on hold, and instead we celebrate the triumphs of the sporting elite. In each step, stroke, flip and cycle, every athlete demonstrates how each of us has the potential for excellence, accomplishment, elation and magic.

* Benevolence reigns. "Imagine, it is so," says the Law of Benevolence. Imagine the best for others and watch as grey clouds lift. As they are showered in blessings, revel in the power of your benevolence as you are karmically blessed in return. Imagine a world full of kindness and almost immediately you will see that people are naturally compassionate, children are safe and the elderly are revered. Imagine how happiness is found easily and indeed, begin to see it in the glint of an eye, in the steam from a slow-cooked meal, and in the conscious reminder on passing bumper stickers that yes, "Magic Happens".
-Anita Revel

Have a magical week!


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