Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Take the Plunge

I just turned 32 years old, y'all. And I feel like I've earned it. I survived my twenties and lived to tell the tale! No matter how lost and confused I was during that time, I'd go through it all again to achieve the awareness that is blossoming within me now.

With this awareness comes a call for action! I couldn't ignore it if I tried. I know what makes me feel alive, and I realize that my best efforts on this earth will come from me investing my time and energy into what I love. You know, align myself with my purpose. Take my passion and make it happen.

Fancy talk aside, I'm bout to flip the script.

Big life changes can be daunting, but in some way, we are always going through major changes whether we acknowledge it or not. The next recreation of you is always brewing under the surface. I'm excited about this new me, and the new me's that I haven't met yet that are waiting for me down the road.

"We have the ability, right and power to create whatever we want in our lives. All we have to do is see it. We can choose to see the unlimited possibilities, rich opportunities and unchartered waters. We can choose to see that doing what we want with ease, having what we want with joy and being where we want can be used as projection and perception. When we use our eyes to project what we want into the world, we send forth the creative power of the soul's force. When we use positive perception to interpret what we see, we avoid falling prey to doom and gloom. If we can look beyond today, its challenges and obstacles, we can create a better tomorrow. If we can see, it must come to be. That is the law."

In keeping with this theme, tomorrow we'll be highlighting a woman who inspires her readers and students with her passion for personal growth and development. Whether she is writing on her blog about self-image issues that affect all of us, or helping a student discover their strengths in order to position themselves for the future, Naturally Leslie is an example of a woman living out her passion and encouraging others to do the same.

Check out Naturally Leslie on tomorrow's GEMS feature.

In the meantime, ask yourself, are you sitting on top of a goldmine of potential because you are afraid to take a leap of faith? Don't deny yourself and the world of what you have to offer.



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, may God's richest blessing be with you.

GG said...

thanks so much! This past year has been so eye opening. God bless you too and thank you for reading :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! I stumbled upon your blog a couple of months ago and have been lurking ever since. I must say that I find your posts most inspiring & uplifing. It seems like you know me personally & are speaking directly to me. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Your blog has inspired me since I found it. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom and inspiration.

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