Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Little Encouragement

 “Sometimes life will flip the script and you can find yourself in
situations you never thought you would be in.  Life has a way of
changing without your permission. Your health, business, family,
relationships, money or job can take a turn.

When adversity comes, it can make you or break you. When  this happens
you must dig deep for your faith, strength, courage and wisdom. There
are some things you'll never understand and they will remain a mystery.

Some days you may feel tired, weak, defenseless and have doubts.  Some
days you may feel relentless, confident, blessed and wanna shout!  You
have a choice to rejoice in spite of what you are going through.  You
have a choice to see the positive in spite of all the negativity around
you. You have a choice to remain loving, responsible, hopeful, faithful
and productive.

It's your choice to get up, open the curtains, stretch your body,
breathe in peace, say a prayer, listen to some uplifting music, walk and
talk it out and over with God.

Whatever you're going through you can choose to be bitter or get better.
You can choose to whine, wish, weep, worry and wait.  Or you can take a
stand that you will not be defeated...discouraged maybe, but not
defeated.  Delayed maybe, but not defeated.

'Life does not promise us days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun
without rain.  But it does promise us strength for the day, comfort for
your tears, joy in the morning and light for your way.'”

~Author Unknown

Continue to be encouraged!


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