Sunday, January 31, 2010


I think I'm just about over rushing through my life trying to get what someone else has. Trying to feel the way I think someone else feels based on my own distant perception of their life. I'm over missing out on the me that is now in constant pursuit of happily ever after. After all, ever after is now.

I think I'm just about over allowing the media to fill my mind with sex, fear, lies and destructive gossip. It distracts me from productive, creative thought and fills my mind with clutter.

I think I'm just about over feeling guilty. Feeling guilty about everything and anything. It's draining and stressful and I'm done with it. No more giving into my inner doubts to the extent that I can't see what's real. No more giving over my power to such a wasteful emotion. Feel it, forgive it and move on with it.

I think I'm just about over trying to be seen. I'm right here. Everything that I'm not, makes me what I am. I don't need to overcompensate. Whether you see it or not, whether you dig it or not, here it is and it's just as simple as it is complex.

I think I'm just about over being irresponsible and making excuses for it. Feeling like someone owes me something. Feeling like life should cater to me more. Boo hoo. I don't want to hear anything that self-sabotage has to say. I'm a woman fed up.

I think I'm just about over winter! (I just had to throw that in there.)

What are you over? What has worn out its welcome in your life? Be done with it!


Anonymous said...
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tkaluv said...

I'm definitely over the winter but what I'm really over is the whole waking up alone in bed every morning, day in day out, coffemaker programmed at 5:30 am so I can barely roll out of bed two hours later, strolling into work 30 minutes late everyday.

I'm over feeling sorry for myself, wondering when my life is going to "get good" because honestly when I listen to my home the energy within is telling me I already have everything I need. I need to get up, I am beautiful, I am funny, I am loving.

But mostly what I'm really over is feeling single. I'm over this dude who claims to be commited but whose actions show otherwise.

GG said...


As I was reading your post, I identified with your frustration. Something that has caused a lot of pain in my relationships has been when someone I'm with shows me who they are and what they are about, and I still insist on seeing them the way I want to see them. I've learned that you have to TEACH people how you want to be treated. When you don't, you end up finding yourself in situations that don't honor you and that make you feel sorry for yourself.

Have you ever read "In the Meantime - Finding Yourself and the Love You Want" by Iyanla Vanzant? If not, it is a MUST read. I've read it several times. My copy is all highlighted and written on, beaten up and falling apart :) I want to share a couple excerpts that might speak to you right now:

"Honor what you feel by believing you CAN have what you want. Respect where you are in your life, understanding that when you are ready to move forward you will. Support yourself by refusing to accept less than what you want. This is your foundation - what you do and how you treat yourself."

"In any relationship, what you want and what you feel or believe about what you want will determine the quality of your interactions. At a very personal and intimate level, these feelings and beliefs help you determine your boundaries, the ways in which you will allow yourself to be treated and how you treat others."

You're right, your life is already wonderful and amazing and you'll be able to truly feel the magic of that once you change your focus from what you don't have to what you do have. I hope this helps in some way. xoxo

tkaluv said...

This is so on the money. Thanks...I've heard of that book but never checked it out. I'll see if they have it at my library. Thanks again and I love this blog.

Cheryl said...

What AWESOME thoughts. I am soooooo over not loving myself and being miserable just because I'm no longer a size 6. Granted, I'm still working on my weight after three babies and plan to get down to a healthy size, but I will no longer let my size rob me of happiness and joy, laughter and love, fun and good times. I am sooooo over it!

GG said...


I'm so glad to help. Let us know how you like the book and we hope you'll continue to share here at PLPT!


I'm right with you on this one. All women have body image issues, but it's particularly heightened when having babies comes into play. I'm currently pregnant with my third and wondering if this will be the one that I can't bounce back from. I'm over thirty now and have noticed so many changes in my body, skin, energy...alladat!

I'm trying to embrace the changes and learn to take better care of myself. This includes the obvious things like exercizing, eating healthier and getting more rest...but it also includes looking in the mirror and unconditionally loving what I see. The more beautiful we feel, the more it will just naturally radiate from us. And just like you said, the happiness and joy you feel from all the blessings in your life - that is the true measure of your beauty - not your clothing size.

Shana said...

Dare I say that this brought me to tears...not because it was such a beautiful and well written piece (and I must admit that it is), but I've spent the better part of today trying to quiet the chatter in my mind...unsure of why I am, who I am, who I aspire/desire to be and what the heck is gonna stop the confusion. I identified with every single line. Every single word, comma and period. I think I need to read this everyday. Thanks for sharing...its funny how I came across your page...snooping on someone's FB page and I ran across yours and the link to your blog. Again...thank you

GG said...

Shana, your comment really touched me! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Your feedback just reminds us of why we started this blog in the first place. I'm so glad you stumbled upon us and hope we can continue to encourage you!

Pam said...

Girl you touched me with this, I may spread this around, so many need to hear it.

Anonymous said...

This post really moved me.

I'm over feeling sad. Like @tkaluv, I'm over dragging myself out of bed. I want to leap out of bed every day.

I'm over negativity. I'm over being hard on myself and sabotaging myself. I'm done with all of that.

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