Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ego vs. Spirit

The ego needs recognition. The spirit does not need to thank itself.

The ego wants to be noticed. It needs stroking, pumping up and limelight. The ego needs to compete just to prove it is better. It senses danger around ever corner, difficulty in every challenge and trouble coming through everyone. The ego can never be enough, do enough or have enough. The goal of the ego is to be well liked and authorized because, for some reason, it does not feel qualified. The spirit is qualified by light. The light of truth, peace, joy and love. It does not seek to condemn, condone or compromise what it is. It simply knows and is it. The spirit does what it can and moves on to something else. It does not ask for an reward or wait for rewards, it is just spirit being spirit. One of the difficult problems in the world is the competition of egos. They want to be noticed and applauded so they compete and dominate. When we truly understand that we are spiritual beings, we will no longer have a need for recognition. We will do what we can because we can do it by virtue of the light of spirit.

Today I will go unnoticed.

~Author Unknown

Imagine how much happier we'd all be if we didn't compare ourselves to others. Our egos tell us that we need the career status, clothes, cars and homes that show status and success. All of these are temporary things. Our egos tell us that we need our lives validated and approved of by others. The spirit within each of us doesn't have a beginning or end. The burdens that seem to hold so much gravity now, are of no consequence to the Spirit. Embrace your spirit, nurture it and cherish it. Love yourself and love your journey for what it is.


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