Friday, August 27, 2010

Just a Touch of Love...A Little Bit


As we head into the weekend, please take some time to show yourself some love. Focus on what you love about yourself and make peace with your complexity. Replenish your spirit, ladies! You are the only one who can do it. Take your power back and show yourself all the attention and love that you may be missing from the world. It all starts with you. We hope the following posts will help you get started!

There was a time, not very long ago, where I found myself trapped in a constant state of “not enough”. I felt I wasn’t pretty/skinny/educated/rich/savvy/talented enough. I felt like “less than”. I compared myself to others waaay to often. “I’m not as fabulous as she is. I wish my relationship was like theirs. I wish I had as much money as she does. She’s prettier than me. Her hair is so much longer than mine.….” It was never ending. Read more...

Mirror Mirror On the Wall
I’m finally believing the idea that there is no benchmark for beauty and that how I feel about myself determines how I look. It’s my business to feel good on my own terms without apology or fear of judgment. This is the hottest trend , the fashion must-have, the magical beauty secret of all fabulous women: Believe you are beautiful and beautiful you will be. Read more...

About Labels
Often, we feel hurt or sad because of our attachments to people and things. There is absolutely nothing wrong with attachment as it is a very natural human thing. But, we have to be able to let go of these same things when the Universe says it is time--and this is where we tend to feel emotional. The key is to remember that the very things that cause us to feel hurt or sad are often things that Life is trying to move out of our way to make room for things that are bigger and better for us. Read more...

The Ugly Truth
It’s important to me not to just feel better or to look better but to BE better. And that can only happen if I'm honest--with myself and everyone around me about the good about me and the not-so-good about me. Honest about where I'm flawed, and then thoughtful enough to fix it. It is only with eyes and soul wide open that I can see the holes in me, let them gape open, and dive way down deep inside them to figure out how they got there; then slowly begin to fill them from the inside out. Read more...

Do you see what I see?
When you look in the mirror, what do you see?Your imperfections? Your big this or small that? Do you see a reflection of criticism, thoughtless comments and judgments?...Do you see a victim that has been lied to, betrayed, misunderstood and cast aside? Do you see someone who has fallen short? Do you see defeat?...Or do you see what I see? Beauty is a state of mind, you know. So for beauty to spring forth from your mind, you must think it before you can see it. Read more..

Tonight, I plan to relax and spend some time writing. I've put it on the back burner all week so I could tackle other things. I'm so excited to finally get all of my half developed thoughts out! What are you going to do for yourself this weekend?


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Making peace with my complexity is something I'm working on and am finding that I really like it. I also encourage my niece to do the same. A monochrome life doesn't appeal to me at all. Thanks for sharing your insight and reflections on your progress!

GG said...

I know what you mean. Life would be boring and we wouldn't grow if we didn't have to face all the contradictions and complexities. I believe that experiencing many things and not judging them as good or bad is the secret to inner peace. In order to have balance, there has to be light and dark.

Surviving Motherhood said...

Love this! I know so many women who can relate. It is so easy to pick out the imperfections and things we don't like about ourselves or put our needs on the backburner.

I personally had to learn how to stop comparing myself to others and love me for me. Its a process and a journey, but I am really finding myself through it all!

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