Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So Emotional, Baby

Tonight as I was washing dishes, I suddenly found myself at first humming, and eventually singing, Whitney Houston’s “You Give Good Love” at the top of my lungs. This, of course, led to my tracking it down on iLike, and subsequently seeking out “So Emotional” and “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”; pretty soon, I was creating a new Whitney inspired Pandora station.

Music is funny that way. It can reach down and touch emotions, and retrieve sensory memories long forgotten. I remember exactly what my life was like when Whitney was belting out sultry pop tunes and heartfelt ballads. I can easily recall what my room looked like, what I wore and how I felt whenever I heard those strong vocals piercing through the air. I even got a Casio keyboard one Christmas around that time that came with sheet music for several Whitney songs!

My emotional responses are just as strong even now. From the first chord, I am no more able to keep my fingers from popping than my head from bobbing or my lips from spreading into a cheesy grin. It’s just plain old “feel good” music; the kind that makes you want to shimmy, shake your shoulders and dance all over the kitchen, using a slotted spoon as a faux microphone--without an ounce of shame.

How refreshing, after a long day of serious adult business, to be able to let go and enjoy such a simple, unexpected pleasure.


theurbansophisticate said...

you know i love a good shimmy song! and ms. houston is my fave (she's an aunt in my head...along with ms. patti) still love her despite what people say. and yes so many of her songs are so nostalgic for me. they take me back to such places and memories!

GG said...

this post inspired me to get some classic Whitney on my ipod STAT! I can still remember the boy that I had a crush on in the 3rd grade when "How Will I Know" was out!! The feelings of that time really "live" in the music for me and go on forever!

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