Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pretty Things: Head Scarves

When my hair is not right, I don't care if everything else is working in my favor that day, I just don't feel as confident if my hair looks crazy. Call it what you want, but it's true for me. (What's your achilles heel? Makeup? Clothes? Nails? Everybody has one. Don't they??)

Anyway, I've been thinking about some creative alternatives to buns and ponytails. I just had my third baby, I'm a working mother, and I need quick solutions that fit my lifestyle. Because of this, I'm looking at head scarves with a new appreciation. Using scarves, I can have fun with colors and prints, I can protect my hair, and I can dress them up or down.

"The headscarf is intimate, personal, an accessory you have a relationship with, in the way a woman doesn't even have with a pair of shoes. It's very feminine, textural, carries your fragrance, allows you to wear colours and patterns that you might not dream of wearing in your clothes." - Bali Barret, art director of Herm├Ęs' silks

Here are some fun styles that I want to try:


Right now, I have an old twist out that I've slept on for two days and my hair desperately needs to be detangled and redone. If I had to go somewhere right now, and only had 20 minutes to get ready, I don't know what I'd do with my hair. I grabbed an old scarf to experiment and here's what I came up with:

I'm excited to start ramping up my scarf collection and experimenting! Sometimes we are scared to try new things simply because it's already been done, it's been done better (this is what we tell ourselves) and we want to stick to safe and familiar. Sometimes we don't want to draw attention to ourselves by trying something new. Just because you are not the originator doesn't mean that you can't bring your own unique charm and essence to a thing. That's how regular old things become pretty things!

"...Self-confidence is a special elixer that Spirit has prepared to help each of us face and surmount the challenges of life. It's an aromatic blending of invigorating essences: attitude, experience, knowledge, wisdom, optimism, and faith." - Sarah Ban Breathnach

By the way, does anybody know of any good YouTube channels on tying head scarves????


Anonymous said...

I just passed a few scarf tying how to's in Allure (Eva Mendes is on the cover...heart her!)

I'll scan and email it:)


GG said...

How timely! I think I have that issue but haven't read it yet! Thanks Mrs. G!!!!

theurbansophisticate said...

i love a fun scarf!! havent worn one in a while, but this post has me wanting to dig out a few :)

This Time Now said...

I've just discovered your blog via Fly Girls. Simply lovely and so honest.
I too love scarves. As a child I'd grab one of my mother's long flowing scarves and turn into some "gypsy" woman. Lo and behold I roam the earth like a gypsy now and can't say no to a gorgeous scarf. I'll try wearing them on my head now that colder weather is beginning to start here in Seoul. Thanks for the style tip.

GG said...

@This Time Now - Glad you discovered our blog! I hope that you will continue to read and get encouragement here. I'm still on the hunt for more scarves pretty scarves! I found one a couple weeks ago at a thrift store that I'm in love with.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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