Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Peace, Love and Pretty Things - One Year and Counting!

Sneakily, time has flown by and it's been a year since we started Peace, Love and Pretty Things. As you know, we talk at length about self-love and inner beauty on this blog. As we've expressed before, we are so happy that anyone takes the time to read our little blog and even more elated at how many of you share that our ramblings are helpful and appreciated.

Naturally, when you invest time in working on your inner beauty, your outward appearance begins to blossom as well. The true work of spiritual growth encompasses your whole lifestyle, and what grows within will surely begin to shine without.

Going forward, Peace, Love and Pretty Things will continue to be the source of inspiration and encouragement that you know and love with an added dash of outward polish to capture our love of all things pretty.

Thank you for reading, lovelies! Stay tuned!


Jamie said...

Congrats on making it a year! Keep doing what you do : )

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! This blog has helped me more than you'll ever know.

GG said...

thanks so much ladies!! Your comments mean so much. <3

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