Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pretty Things: Tights

I am a bonafied tights junkie. They are my fall/winter staple and I seek out unique patterns, funky styles, and a variety of fabrics with which to update my wardrobe throughout both of the aforementioned seasons. I love them because they are warm and cozy, cute and functional. They can add zeal to an outfit that would be otherwise very simple, they can dial up the sex appeal and they are perfect for layering colors, textures and patterns.

Two-tone American Apparel tights as seen on

My favorites from last season include two pair of argyle tights I got from Uniqlo on a trip to NYC last year. Mine are in pink and purple argyle.

Urban Outfitters is a fantastic place to score tights as they often have 2 for $20 deals on their solid color opaque tights. What a great way to stock up on basics! They also have great sheers like these heart tights

and fun sweater tights like this polka dot version

Tights are a really easy and fun way to express yourself. What’s your favorite fall staple? How do you express yourself in it?


Chai said...

i was just thinking I need to stock up on a few pairs. It's turned usually cold these past few days, and my old ones are *side eye* worthy. H&M always has some pretty colorful ones that I'm always on the hunt for, and Anthropologie has great opaque choices

GG said...

Nice! Chai, I have a couple pairs that have huge holes in the crotch but I just keep wearing them because no one knows that but me. Is that TMI? Oh well. I'm just sayin. I don't want to let them go!

I need to check out H&M and Anthropologie. I love tights and boots! I'm a pretty plain dresser, but I like to take more risks with accessories.

Dee O. said...

I'm a tights junkie too! I cannot get enough of them, there are too many gorgeous patterns and colors, the ones i want to buy next are the Harry Holland Suspender tights I think that they are absolutely gorgeous and cheeky at the same time lol.


GG said...

@Dee O. Those are definitely "cheeky" tights! LOL, but I love the creativity. I'm digging your blog, too! Everything in our Fall into Fashion post looks so cozy and so me. more looks for my personal look book! thanks chica ;-)

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