Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My word for 2011: Persistence

Last year, my first post for 2010 was all about my declaration to develop an energized state of mind.  I was about four months pregnant at the time, so it doesn't surprise me that I was craving energy!

Seriously though, ENERGIZED was my word for 2010. I set my intention with the following statement:
"This is my word of the year. I will no longer call myself lazy, tired and old, because I am truly none of these things! The first step is to stop thinking of myself this way and replace those thoughts with appropriate contradictions that affirm my limitless potential and energy to live, love and experience all that life has to offer!"
Throughout the year, when I felt overwhelmed I told myself "Just try."  We tend to underestimate the personal satisfaction that comes from simply trying, even when we don't get the results we want.  I also truly began to believe and live out the truth that I could change my life if I changed the way I thought about it.  My old thought pattern of being tired and lazy came from the draining and defeating thoughts that I repeated to myself day in and day out.  No wonder, right?   It just makes sense that energized thoughts will lead to an energized life.

I stopped trying to control everything.  I wasn't always successful, but I tried.  I made a conscious effort to avoid people who drained me with their complaints, guilt and narrow-mindedness.  I can't say that I got more sleep in 2010 or exercised more (unfortunately!); but I definitely can see the improvement in my energy level and motivation.  This came from making the decision to believe in myself without limitations.

This leads me to my word for 2011:  Persistence.  I'm energized.  I've given up limiting thoughts.  And now I must stick with it.  I'm going to need determination, patience, resilience, mindfulness, and eternal optimism to keep the negative thinking at bay and my face turned to the light.  The source of all these things is Love.

Do you need to focus on persistence and determination in your life?  Do you not start things because you are afraid that you won't finish?  Reflect on the following affirmations:
* I am not where I want to be, but I have come so far from where I was.
* I am on the right path. All I have to do is keep walking.
* Everytime I fall down, I get back up a little wiser.
* We all have a unique purpose, so I can never be too late, too slow or too ME to achieve my goals!
* The problems that plague me the most are the ones that hold the keys to my self-discovery.  I won't retreat.  I will keep pushing.
If you had to choose a word to be your theme for 2011, what would it be?


Anonymous said...

"I'm not where I want to be, but I have come so far from where I was." Man...that is a mouthful and I need to remember that. When you look back over your life and you see where you've come in 5 years, one year, one month you start to really give yourself some credit.

Marie said...

I'm in the process right now of "stopping myself from trying to control & do EVERYTHING" and letting go of the idea that all the planets have to align before I can begin something new.

Action. That is my word. I've been stagnant for too long, or so it feel like.

♥ CG ♥ said...

Happy New Year, GG!

I can totally relate. I didn't even want to revisit what I stated I planned for 2010 because I know I fell short. Energized should be my word for the 2011, that's how I'm feeling at the moment :-).

GG said...

Thanks for sharing ladies! It's going to be a great year! ***claiming it!*** :)

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