Friday, January 28, 2011

You Give Me Butterflies...Notes about Love and Relationships

Lately when I look into your eyes I realize
You're the only one I need in my life
Baby I just don't know how to describe
How lovely you make me feel inside
You give me butterflies
Got me flying so high in the sky
I can't control the butterflies
~Alicia Keys "Butterflies"

Difficult Relationships
Our relationships give us opportunities to explore the breadth of our own unique being and to become accepting of ourselves, which is the starting place for acceptance of others. Too often in our relationships, we focus on the disruptive behavior of others rather than our own...Read More

About Love
"To love is to risk being disappointed, let down and broken hearted and be vulnerable anyway. Love and freedom both require risk. It's not about whether someone else lives up to your expectations...Read More

Love and Sacrifice 101
Consider the idea that love is not about expectations and demands but finding a middle ground on which two people feel respected and treasured as individuals... Read More

The Start of Something New
It is always exciting when something (or someone) new happens in our lives. The pleasure and the giddy anticipation of what could be tickle our fancies and send our imaginations running wild...Read More

Me Me Me
It can seem like a difficult pill to swallow sometimes, but there's really no one on earth who can make us happy. We get trapped into thinking "If he would only..." Read More


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