Monday, July 25, 2011

Practicing What You Preach

I've been studying a number of different religions, spiritual theories and metaphysical practices over the past couple of years. And I've had a number of "aha!" moments as a result. Excitedly I share these revelations with you, dear readers, and with friends and family and it's beautiful. And then I have to put them into practice.
And therein lies the rub.

It's easy to know something in a logical sense; less easy to practice it and flow with that feeling in your spirit that tells you what you are doing is right. Because with every leap of faith comes the fear. And with every nod yes from within, comes a “no” from without—usually from friends and family who genuinely care about you, but may not understand what you have to do.

I am currently faced with an opportunity to practice what I preach, and let go of one situation in order to make room for another. There are some situations, in which the sum total of your life experience will be fairly unaffected if you make a change--where it is easy to let go and move on. Yet, there are other experiences that are tied to the fabric of your lifestyle and livelihood; and thus more difficult from which to separate.

But it is the knowledge that I have to practice what I preach that helps me to continue to push forward towards taking these right actions, and making these right decisions that I know will ultimately be for my benefit. And I push because through personal experience, and reading your experiences, I know that the concept of “letting go” is more than just a concept--it works. To continue to act out of fear would just be silly because I have become so acquainted with the power of faith.

And I couldn’t keep encouraging you all to do something that I am too afraid to do myself. So I’m taking this moment to thank you, our readers (and GG too!), for holding me accountable. Your presence here, with me, in this space is more valuable than you know.

I recognize that I’m speaking in an abstract sense, but sometimes you just have to keep things to yourself until you have reconciled them in your own head and heart, you know? I know you understand.

But I’d love to know: who keeps you accountable to practicing what you preach?


Denetra said...

Gosh your post has definately hit home for me. I generally fight with faith and fear daily but faith has won everytime!! Who keeps me accountable? These little girls that GOD has blessed me with! All day long, all night, every waking moment. My daughters has definately put focus, faith, discipline and the power of love in my life. Good luck to you on your new endeavor. I'm looking forward to hearing the progress.

Maizie-Nicole said...

You ask "who keeps you accountable to practicing what you preach?" Well to make a long story short, i have a friend who is incarcerated and constantly writing him and keeping him motivated has given me the opportunity to practice what i preach. Though we've had many fall outs, God has put forgiveness in both of our hearts and has allowed us to work on each ourselves and with each other with clean slates. Thanks for this post. Happy Tuesday.

GG said...

You definitely serve the same purpose for me chica. It's really amazing to have had a front row seat to your transformation. I'm always learning things from you, even when you don't even know it ;-) This situation is no different. xoxo

Kim Jackson said...

Thank you ladies for your responses. It helps so much to know there is someone in your corner, who is just as invested in your fight as you are.

That's beautiful G :-). Love u!

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