Monday, July 11, 2011

Gone Manifesting

If you have ever read Gabrielle Bernstein’s Add More –Ing to Your Life, or listened to any of her lectures; then you are familiar with 30-90 day focused meditation activities (If not, you can purchase the book here). In a nutshell (and without attempting to paraphrase poorly) the purpose of these exercises is to spend a dedicated amount of time focusing primarily on manifesting a particular thing in your life. Whether you seek clarity around a home, a job, family, your health or your love life—during this time your goal is to visualize the change you want to bring about in that particular area of your life. You can sit with your dream, workout with your dream, write about your dream, meditate on your dream—whatever sharpens your inner guide.

I am currently in a 30 day focused meditation. Here are some of the ways I am directing all of my energy into manifesting in this particular area of my life.

1. I begin thinking of my goal as soon as I awake in the morning, before my mind becomes cluttered with the minutia of the day.

2. As I get ready for work in the morning, I behave as though this thing has already occurred, and I am headed out to reap the fruit of it.

3. At random points throughout the day, I express gratitude for the change that has already occurred in my life (because I know the change agents of the Universe have already conspired to bring it about even though I have yet to see the results).

4. I workout with meditation: as I run, I think two very specific words to the sound of my footsteps, or when doing other forms of movement, I time the two words with my breathing in and out.

I am looking forward to seeing the physical results of the work I am doing.

Have you ever participated in a focused meditation exercise for 30 days or more? What are some of the ways you did the work of manifesting during this time period? What were some of the changes you began to see as a result?


Anonymous said...

I am engaged in a form of focused meditation right now. I didn't know there was a name for this but one of my goals is entering law school. This morning I wrote the names of the schools I would like to be admitted to on my mirror in blue marker. Why? Because I'm already seeing myself sitting in the classroom. It's a reflection of the person I would like to become. Since I have to look in this mirror every morning, it's a reminder of where I should put my energy, as I leave my apartment. I wrote it in blue because there is an element of fear when venturing into new territory and blue calms the soul. It's like saying, "I got this."

Jess said...

I love meditation; mindful meditation is my pref. Which is simply being aware. Hearing your breath, the wind blow, the cars driving, the children playing, etc. When I am mindful things are so much more clear and in focus.

Kim Jackson said...

Beautiful thoughts, Ladies.

@Anon, I love that you keep your goal visible and present so that you never forget what you're working toward.

@Jess, as do I. So many answers come when you're not even trying; but instead just being still and open to receiving.

Rosetta Thurman said...

Great post, Kim! I love Gabrielle but haven't yet done any of the guided meditations. Putting that on my list to help me meditate on my goal for extended world travel next year. It's time to manifest!

Kim Jackson said...

Great goal, Rosetta! Sending positive energy your way--let's create more energy for us all to use to manifest!

bmoreflyy said...

I haven't engaged in one before. After reading this post however I'm wanting to try.

Kim Jackson said...

Give it a shot, bmoreflyy. Don't attach any pressure to it--just try it and see how it feels. Let us know how it goes!

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