Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Album Review: Selena McDay’s “Cry With A Smile”

With this post, it is our pleasure to introduce our guest music reviewer, Mugure Crawford. Mugure has extensive experience in the music industry, and we knew there was no one better to tackle this task. Enjoy.

With the current state of R&B/Soul artists and music, one can definitely use a huge dose of some good ole lovin’ and inspirational lyrics. After all, the Hip Hop/Rap Culture has dominated our Urban music world for the last 10-15 years. So you’re looking for that old thing back? Some good ole feel good music? You know the type of music that you won't hear playing in strip club? Look no further than a soulful, up and coming spoken word, soulstress like Selena McDay.

Selena hails from New York City but currently resides in the greater Washington, DC area (affectionately known to locals as the DMV). Selena went back home to the Big Apple not only to stake her claim but to win 1st place in the Apollo Theatre's weekly popular talent show "Showtime At the Apollo", and her very 1st time appearing and she took the top prize! We all know the Apollo don't like no junk, so Selena definitely brought down the house that night I'm sure.

With her debut CD, "Cry With A Smile", she wants you to know just who she is, what she stands for, and what she represents. Her CD is a bright mixture of soulful jazz and sultry R&B, mixed with spoken word--much like fellow stars Jill Scott or Angie Stone. The CD starts out with a clear introduction into Selena McDay as she professes" like McKnight but McDay" which features her radio interview with NYC Urban Adult Station WBLS.

Her featured single, and title to the album “Cry With A Smile” is an upbeat track based on Selena's personal experiences that reminds listeners to hold on, keep the faith, and that even through adversity, it’s okay to cry. You'll be surprised at how everyone goes through problems, so there's no need for you to feel alone or weak; this is how I interpreted this inspirational track. With a total of 16 solid tracks Selena McDay takes you through her journey of personal trials, triumphs, love and relationships.

I look forward to hearing her growth and creativity throughout her road to success in the music industry. After all, it's evident that Selena is a true artist, not afraid to express herself freely...at the drop of a dime, as she explained during her WBLS interview: "I'll sing over this telephone"...Now how many artists are that comfortable in their vocal abilities? As I stated earlier, R&B artists/music just ain't like it use to be. So check out Selena McDay's "Cry With A Smile" CD, sit back and find out what she's all about while, just maybe, finding out a lot more about yourself :).

To learn more about Selena McDay, check out her PLPT GEMS feature here. To access Selena McDay’s debut album, visit her website, SelenaMcDaySings.

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Mugure Crawford’s love for music and radio started in her teens during the golden era of Rap/ Hip Hop Soul of the 1980s & 90s. She was exposed to music of all genres from her East African/Kenyan roots, which included a radio in every room of the house. This led her to pursue Communications as a major in college and she earned her B.A. in Communications from the University of Maryland at College Park in 2001. She currently holds one of her dream jobs working for the SVP of Programming for Radio One Inc. and supporting other Program Directors at Radio One's 53 Radio Stations in 15 Markets across the country. With over 12 years of experience, her career has kept her moving forward with a variety of roles in the radio industry. Mugure looks forward to propelling her career in radio and solidifying her brand as the "it" girl/media specialist with a passion for music & entertainment. Mugure resides in a suburb of Washington DC with her husband Lamon, daughter Laila, & son LJ.


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