Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Music Review: Ebony Anne Isaac "The Chase"

Last Friday afternoon I had the pleasure of clicking play on Ebony Anne Isaac's "The Chase". From the onset "The Chase" had me wanting to lace up my shell top Adidas, throw on my bamboo earrings, and don my Jordache jeans. It reminded me of the good ole days of hip hop, when being young was as innocent and free as writing a love note in class to get that girl’s attention; remember: “check yes or no, if you'd be my girlfriend”? Well that's just the feeling I got! "The Chase" features vocals from Ms. Isaac and a cute rap verse featuring her label mate, Snowflake Black. It describes the day to day of living, hoping, being ready to face the world and not knowing who might show up but thinking it could be that special someone...and it carries through to the feeling when you see him; you wink, smile, and instantly feel the "butterflies". It’s a good effort on her behalf to take music back to a time when we didn’t take things so seriously and when we definitely loved each other a whole lot more. "The Chase" is featured on SoundCloud. Check it out here.


Photo via SoundCloud


Damen Samuel said...

I totally agree.
I find Ebony's sound very refreshing.
And it feels good to hear something like "The Chase" which doesn't sound like the rest of the music that's played on the radio.
Keep grooving girl....can't wait to hear what's next...:)

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