Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Music Review: Liv Warfield

In this PLPT post our music reviewer, Mugure Crawford, sings the praises of Liv Warfield's soulful singles.

Last week I had the pleasure of experiencing Liv Warfield's brand of fresh, live soulful grooves from her two songs "Embrace Me” and “Waiting". The music was featured during her February 2012 performance at the Alberta Rose Theater in Portland, Oregon. And though I didn’t have the honor of being there in person, the recording didn’t disappoint. It was a live set of R&B and funk, with a sprinkle of rock n’ roll; "Alternative Soul" is what we like to call it.

Her melody and lyrics are full of emotion, allowing the listener to develop a deep connection with her message. I know I felt all warm and tingly as I embraced each beat, each vocal and that bass that is sure to leave your head bobbin’ too. During the song "Embrace Me" which is also the title track to her album, she belts confidently, "Can a woman get a little of your lovin", lyrics that would encourage anyone to make that first move in the pursuit of her King. "Waiting", the second song she performed at the Oregon show continues to speak to a woman with a connection to love...a woman who is seeking and envisioning her man in her dreams. It almost seems as if Ms Warfield is not waiting for him to just fall into her lap, but singing him into existence—waiting for the right opportunity to make her move and tell him how she feels--about her needs, her wants and her deepest desires. Wheww! I felt her spirit! In fact, I can't wait to hear more! And if you can't either, check out her tracks, Embrace Me and Waiting, right here! I can guarantee she'll help you with envisioning and singing your song to the man you’re dreaming up too.


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