Friday, April 23, 2010

Easy Street

Is there really such a thing as Easy Street? Does anyone truly have it easy in this life? My answer is no. Regardless of our perception, everyone has their cross to bear. And if you ask me, I say that our crosses are the things that push us towards our purpose in life and help us discover what our imprint will be on the world.

When we deny that struggle is natural for every human life, we feel left out and unfavored. The following excerpt is from (Read full post here). I think he says it well.

The truth is that in assuming life can come in "easy" we do three very negative things:

We create a false hope that some day we are going to just make it, and that things will be so easy.

We can begin to envy those who have an “easy” life.

We get the idea that there is always an easy way out. This allows our mind to make excuses for not doing what we know to be our best.

I encourage you to check out the rest of the post. My thought for today is this:

You must make yourself content with who you are and what you have if you truly want to be wealthy. No matter what you accomplish in life, you will still face challenges. So, embrace every struggle as temporary discomfort on the pathway to a better you.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

This post is deep.

"When we deny that struggle is natural for every human life, we feel left out and unfavored." <-- truth

GG said...

Thanks.... I think that struggle shouldn't cause us to feel alone...i think it should bind us together.

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