Sunday, April 18, 2010

Projecting Your Feelings

Isn't it interesting how whatever you're feeling on the inside is duplicated in the world outside yourself? Have you ever noticed that when you're very sad, beating yourself up and feeling guilty, that you often feel that others are beating you up and blaming you as well? Have you noticed that when you're disappointed in yourself, you feel anxious that everyone is disappointed in you too?

That anxiety is called projection and it is a mirage. It's your bruised ego being unwilling to take ownership over your feelings, so it's projecting them onto other people so that you can safely play the role of the tortured victim in the drama of your life.

But you can stop it by being aware of it. When you start feeling like everyone/everything is against you, take a time out. Remind yourself that whatever is bothering you is within your spirit, trying to shake you up and that you have the power to feel your way through those murky emotions and be better on the other side of them.

Also, remind yourself that you are liked, loved, revered and adored--and of all the people who feel this way and why. Know that these people are on your side and rooting for your success.

These affirmations of self-love are wonderful ways to remind yourself of just how wonderful and worthy you are of all the desires of your heart. Don't be afraid to use them to combat the negative thoughts you may be projecting into the world.


GG said...

I'm so guilty of this. Thanks for spelling it out because it really helps to make sense of it so we can recognize when we are doing it.

Chic Mommy, Cool Kid said...

I've just come to be aware of it myself, and that awareness is a HUGE aid in combatting it.

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