Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All I Really Want is Peace, Love and _____

All I really want is peace, love and the freedom to be limitless.

I look forward to the holidays every year for the traditions and the family time, and of course for the giving and receiving of gifts. Who doesn't? While it's very easy to get caught up in the ads, the sales and the sensationalism of the holidays; I want to redirect your focus a little bit to ask you a question.

What do you want to give yourself this year?

This is a great time to begin reflecting on the past year and thinking about whether or not you've given yourself everything that you deserve. Have you honored your feelings? Have you told yourself how beautiful you are every day? Have you taken steps towards your goals? Why wait around for someone to give you something material that will only give you fleeting satisfaction.

If you are denying yourself of anything at all, now is the time to pull out all the stops and give yourself the best present ever. No one else can give you the joy and confidence that comes from self-love.

I'll share first.

All I really want is Peace, Love and Freedom.

** There is no reason that I should waste a moment on worry or insecurity. I give myself the freedom to live in the light and be myself regardless of how people respond to me.

**I let go of the need to buy things and I embrace the love of creating things.

**I don't need to feel stuck in any situation. I give myself the freedom to create my own path and my own opportunities.

**I give myself the freedom to Dream big. Love big. Give Big. In every corner of my life.

**I let go of guilt and shame. I'm free to travel light and go far. Free to see myself as worthy of every good thing.

**I give myself the freedom to do what I love.

Now your turn to complete the sentence: "All I really want is Peace, Love and ________."

Please share with us in the comments. :)


Laila said...

I know this sounds cliche but I really want to be happy.

I have definitely made moves towards my goals (personal and professional) but I don't know what I'm entirely happy. I want to be that MJB song. ;-)

Marie said...

I want the courage to face my fears, and no longer let them hold me back from doing the things that I want to do.

Anonymous said...

All I really want is peace, love, and courage. Not that I am the cowardly lion...I think of the serenity prayer, "...the courage to change the things I can." As I have been working on accepting the person I am, I also notice that there are things I could do better, not at all, or more of. I'd like to start. I'd like to live fearlessly in and for myself. I'd like to love the same way, and when I do those things, I will then have reached yet another level of peace.

Chic Mommy said...

Marie, I am with you on that. Jessj, that is truly beautiful. I had to read it again twice. Your self-awareness will certainly get you there.

All I really want is peace, love & abundance--of wisdom, of creativity, in my relationships, in my finances--in every area of my life.

B. Pierre said...

Intimacy would be my thing. I've conquered or started to conquer some of my limitations.And I'm not referring to the sexual kind but a deep connectedness with people. I'm realizing that relationships can't get deep without intimacy and only stay surface level.

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