Monday, November 29, 2010

Fake It 'til You Make It

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The world is governed more by appearance than realities so that it is fully as necessary to seem to know something as to know it. ~Daniel Webster

How many times have you given up on an endeavor because it seemed too complicated?  Not only have I given up, but sadly I can recall many times where I have not even started.  We don't want to expose what we don't know, right?  We don't want step out of our comfort zones into the unfamiliar.  We are afraid of the risks, so we psyche ourselves out of the rewards.
All of us have different goals, but we should all foster an approach that is creative and fearless. Look at it this way, you may not be a professional in your field of choice just yet, but you CAN learn to be a professional researcher, question-asker, networker, and all around go-getter.  You CAN become skillful in the art of making things happen, and this alone can catapult your confidence and stature.  Who cares if you don't know all the technical aspects if you have the vision and the determination to make the dream come to life? 
Don't know how to "fake it"?  The whole idea is to exude the confidence and importance of someone who is already doing what you are setting out to do.  Act like, think like, talk like you mean business, even if you are just fact finding and exploring.  Get ready to be adventurous and try the following tactics: 
*Be aggressive with your pursuit of information and tell people what it is that you want to do.  Learn how to sell yourself . When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them about my day job; then I speak with passion and purpose about what I'm working towards outside of that. 

*Find a mentor or expert who can be a resource for you.  Through social networking and blogging, you can have access to people that normally would be hard to reach.  If an expert in your field has a blog, follow it and share thoughtful comments on a regular basis.  Stalk Follow them on twitter.  Build a relationship until you feel it's appropriate to ask them to review your business plan, art, writing, whatever.

*Join organizations to connect with people of similar intention.  Go to conferences.  Take business cards even if you don't officially have a business yet.  Work with what you have.  Bring your ideas and your energy and get people interested in you while absorbing the knowledge and advice that is available. 

*Create opportunities.  Volunteer your time.  Start a blog.  Start a committee at work that allows you to specialize in the area you want to develop.  Do things for free.  Just participate and get involved in anything that is tied to your goal.  You can build a resume, media kit or a portfolio solely off of work that you've done for free.  Plus, when applicable, you will feel more confident having a tangible way to show your vision.
Remember that for whatever it is that you do, there was a time when it was unfamiliar to you.  What else would you add to this list to help us all become the gutsy go-getters that we need to be to accomplish everything??
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