Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Power of Positive

I’ve received some news recently…news that has the potential to be scary and stressful, to drive me into a crying, hyperventilating frenzy and push my thoughts off the deep end—if I allow it to. Despite the disturbing nature of the news, there is a silver lining and a positive spin. So despite my mind’s desire to focus on the negative aspects of the situation, I am determined to focus on the positive because that is the only way I’ll make it through this situation. It will be a test of my faith, but a test I am happy to take and prepared to pass with flying colors. In order to stay positive, I’ll need to spend time in quiet meditation, pray, journal, practice yoga, exercise—all the things that help to keep me centered and focused. A favorite blog of PLPT’s, The Affirmation Spot, posted a great exercise for countering negative thoughts. I wanted to share them, in case there’s a situation in your life that calls for the power of positive thinking as well.

“Here are four things you can do to handle and live more harmoniously with common negative thoughts. They form the word CALL.
Counter – counter your negative thoughts with tools like affirmations. Persistent negative thoughts can be countered and changed by offering a positive alternatives.
Accept – accept that you will have negative thoughts and it’s OK. You’re human afterall. No beating yourself up.
Listen – listen to your negative thoughts. They may provide insight into where you need to focus your self-improvement efforts.
Laugh – some of your negative thoughts really are pretty funny when you get enough perspective. Lighten up and see the humor in the way your mind works.
I’m not saying don’t try to transform your negative thoughts into something positive. I’m just saying that when they want to come out and play, CALL allows you to say, ‘Bring it on!’”

CALL is designed to handle more common negative thoughts, but it can certainly be applied to all situations in life that cause worry, fear, self-doubt or depression. You may not be able to see the humor in more serious situations right away, but you can Counter, Listen and Accept to a level that allows you to see inside yourself and flip all those negative thoughts, feelings and perceptions upside down. When life steps up the negative, trying situations and it feels like they get harder and harder to deal with, step your positive up a notch as well. Embrace the power of positive thoughts in your life in a way that is overwhelming and all-consuming to the point where you do so without thought or effort. I’ll be right there with you--spending time in quiet meditation, praying, journaling, practicing yoga, exercising—keeping myself centered and focused.


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