Friday, September 4, 2009

Where are you right now?

So often we get so caught up in creating a detailed outline for our lives that we forget about the miracles, the revelations, and experiences that are momentous in grasping the big picture. Personally, I had a few rough days this week where I felt overwhelmed by my mistakes and perceived shortcomings. To stay focused on what is most significant and adds meaning to our existence, Dawna Markova, inspirational author, suggests asking yourself four questions to get reconnected with your purpose. I sat down with my journal this week and here’s an abbreviated, non-TMI version of what I came up with:

1. What are you moving away from?
Regret. I am moving away from negative thinking and self-doubt. I’ve stepped out of the box of my fears and anxieties. I’m moving away from people that don’t feel right in my life, and food that doesn’t feel right in my stomach. I am open to all possibilities and opportunities to try again. There’s no such thing as defeat.

2. What are you moving against?
Pretenses. I am moving against the conditioning that has trained me to hide myself and stifle my voice. I am moving against the headwind of depression and sadness. I’m side-stepping the judgment and criticism that I may encounter on my journey. The interference of limiting ideas and past mistakes are only in my way if I allow them to be.

3. What are you moving with?
Free will. I am moving with grace, forgiveness and humility. I am moving with nightlights of positive affirmation to illuminate the valleys. I am picking up and taking with me all the good things I thought I’d lost like faith, hope and courage. I’m asking the questions and aligning myself with solutions. I have the support of my loved ones and the armor of God.

4. What are you moving towards?
Fulfillment. I am dancing down the soul train line to my own beat towards abundance and peace. I am finding the joy in the ride. I see success down the road. There’s creative expression along the way and lots of breaks to smell the flowers and do cartwheels. My story of healing is waiting to be told.

This is where I am right now. Where are you? Feel free to share here or answer these four questions in your own personal journal.

Peace and Blessings!


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