Thursday, October 15, 2009

Buried Treasure

Gifts are an interesting thing. They're innate and planted into our spirits--designed to help us grown, learn, commune, share and affect the world around us in a way that is special and unique just to each individual. Many people can have the same gifts, but not one of us can use them in exactly the same way, or give and receive the same things when they pour out of us. We have a responsibility to these gifts; to honor the truth that sits deep in our souls, waiting to be lived--waiting for us to do something, to help someone, to initiate change in our little part of the universe.

Communication is my gift. The spoken, sung and written word are my tools. To use my words in a way that is dishonest, deceitful or hurtful is an abuse of this precious gift I've been given. I endeavor to always use my words in a way that is truthful, helpful and freeing for myself and for everyone around me. It is my intention that my voice be healing to any ears that hear it, and that it always matches the pure intention of my heart.

What is your gift? How are you using it? Are you sharing it with others or are you being selfish with it? What can you do to expand on your gift? Take some time and explore these questions. Write down the answers in your journal. You'll be surprised what you'll learn about yourself and what peace the journey into self-discovery can bring.


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