Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Spiritual Assignment

"A Spiritual Plan is a statement of clear intention about what you desire to experience within yourself and a clear definition of what you must do to make it happen."

I thought I would share a portion of my spiritual plan--some of the broader statements that apply to many of us, but that we sometimes forget when we're in the midst of the very things that threaten our peace of mind. When it comes to peace of mind, it's all about the little things that we do each day to bring us joy in the midst of all the external "stuff" we have to deal with that is out of our control.

I desire to experience total transformation from the inside out, that will affect my physical and mental well-being, and lead me to live in my purpose and live out my destiny. A transformation that will bring a peace that radiates throughout the entire accumulation of my experiences--from motherhood to relationship to career to friends, family and finances. I want to know who I am, have faith in who I am, and believe in what I am capable of; I want to be okay with all that I am, no matter what negative words, thoughts or influences try to arise to combat it. I want to be able to move forward to new life experiences without the fear that comes with walking into the unknown, and without the regret that can come with leaving the old life behind.

In order to make this happen, I must:
- Spend time in silence, meditation and/or prayer daily
- Look for the lesson in every single experience
- Stop judging my experiences to be "good" or "bad" so that I can see the lesson in them
- Revel in all things positive around me--even down to the tiniest things
- Be honest always with others, but more importantly with myself
- Do what feels right and true and honest--not what feels good at the moment
- Pamper myself physically, mentally and spiritually

What is your spiritual plan? How will you work to achieve it?


Sunshinelovespeace said...

I Loved Loved Loved this post!!

I am going to have to sit down and write out a spiritual plan.

I am really inspired by the portion of yours you shared. I may have to include it in mine, since it was so well said and includes many of the things I want for myself as well.

Thanks for sharing this post.

Peace Love and Pretty Things said...

I am so glad this resonated for you, Sunshine. It's funny that we (especially women) plan out every other part of our lives--our education, career, dinner for the week, weekend activities--you name it, we make a plan for it. But we forget to map out a plan for our spiritual health. I know I hadn't until I read about it.

I wish you the best with this endeavor. Don't be afraid to come back and share with us what you discover!

GG said...

I agree! I'm going to print this out for myself!

GG said...

Another thing I want to do that keeps getting put off is create a little haven at home for myself for prayer, meditation, working on my spiritual plan etc. This post is reminding me to simply make it a priority...

"it's all about the little things that we do each day to bring us joy in the midst of all the external "stuff" we have to deal with that is out of our control."

Ashley said...

I found your blog through Curly Nikki. I was compelled to write a comment after reading this post. I love love love the idea of a spiritual plan and will do this for myself. Your plan is so beautiful and it addresses everything I too would want for myself. Thanks for writing and sharing this!

Chic Mommy, Cool Kid said...

We're so glad you found us Ashley--and that you found something right away that resonated with you!

GG, you are spot on with the creation of a place for your spiritual endeavors in your home. It's something I too need to do. But in the meantime, I try to make whatever area that I am in for quiet time, reflection, writing, meditation, etc, as peaceful as possible. I turn down the lights, light candles, burn incense..whatever is needed to create the mood. Maybe that's a short term solution for you as well.

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