Thursday, May 6, 2010

Authenticity: Always in Style

"Fashion can be bought; style must be possessed.
Fashion guesses, so it can only bluff. Style knows.
Fashion is impatient and eventually passes away.
Style is steadfast and waits for every woman's awakening,
because authentic style is born of Spirit."

It's a beautiful thing to really come into your own as a woman and understand what style is all about. Style is about who we are and not who we think we ought to be.

Nowadays, I'm all about simplifying my life. Over time, my style is more and more becoming a reflection of that. I'm a working mother with 2 babies...OK children...and one on the way, and I need to be comfortable, feminine, and effortless. I'm getting over my fear of throwing out old clothes, shoes and beauty habits that are just taking up space and time.

Becoming comfortable in my own skin has made me realize a few things about my personal style:

* My natural hair is my favorite and most authentic accessory that I could ever have.
* I care more about how my clothes make me feel than how they make me look.
* Piggy-backing on that second one, I believe that if I feeeel sexy then I will looook sexy. I don't try to do it the other way around anymore.
* Less is more. As I slowly declutter, I actually find that I have more to wear because all the stuff is out of the way and I can see what's really there and what's really me.

Have you thought about why you wear your hair the way you do, dress the way you do, follow trends the way you do? Make it a point to know what makes you feel beautiful, regardless of what the world says should make you feel beautiful.

"Fashion fades. Only style remains."


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