Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Which Of Your Daily Habits Move You Closer To Your Goals?

Goal attainment is generally reached as the result of several small actions that eventually lead to one larger desired consequence. Thus, it's important to incorporate habits into your daily routine that are ultimately helping you to achieve your goal(s).

Some of my daily habits include the following:

1. Meditating for 10 minutes or longer - This aids in spiritual health, helps me to set the intention for my day, and helps me to remain positive throughout the day.

2. Exercising for 30 minutes or more – Beginning my day with exercise helps me to stay physically fit and gives me the energy to be productive each day.

3. Reading high-brow writing (i.e. something from the New York Times) – I seek to improve my writing by studying the styles of those who are considered to be the best.

4. Writing or editing 200 words or more – This is how I practice what I’ve studied.

5. Reading a few pages or chapters in a book – I’m a voracious reader. It’s a way to learn about any topic imaginable, to study writing styles, or to be entertained. In short, reading helps keep my mind from turning to mush.

6. Studying/listening to/reading about a metaphysical, spiritual or religious theme or practice – I’m still figuring out how I feel about religion as it was presented to me growing up, so I’m researching and figuring out what feels right for me.

7. Writing a desire list – I end my day by writing out a ‘desire list’. It can list desires for the following day or week, or for the future, but it is intended to remind me of what I want, and why I need to keep up these habits each day.

On most days there are other items added to this list, and sometimes there are things removed. The ultimate goal though, is to be cognizant of how my current daily habits are affecting my future. If I can complete the tasks on this list throughout the day, I know I've moved just a little closer to accomplishing the tasks in the bigger picture.

Which of your daily habits are moving you closer to your goals?


missaqualady said...

This is awesome Kim! Very inspirational for me! It helps me to see some of the things I should add to my daily habits to reach my goals.

Kim Jackson said...

You're welcome! Keep us posted on the changes you see as a result.

jessj said...

I think I wanna do a 30-day challenge about becoming more effective...this is a sign I need to go ahead and stop thinking and DO it.

K said...

we gonna need to chit chat. Ive been having that same battle about religion.

Denetra said...

I love this post and it is just what I needed!!! I also love to read but lately I haven't found the time. Another one of my daily rituals had been to journal. I have become so off balanced that I can't find time for anything. Thanks for helping me to put some things in perspective to get back on track!! I desperately need it :).

Kim Jackson said...

@ Jess - You got it--just DO it. No other way to get started than to dive in.

@ K - I'm surprised to hear that. Yes, let's definitely chat!

@ Denetra - I used to say that I "didn't have" or "couldn't find" the time for things too. Then I realized that I have to MAKE time for the things I say are important to me. It isn't easy, but it is possible. You can SO do this! :)

Em said...

I saw this post when you initially put it up here and found it very powerful. It is useful to stop and check that our daily choices are still serving us well on our path.

When I saw this posted again on curlynikki, I thought of two resources that you, or someone else, might find interesting.

One is The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp:

I do not consider myself creative, I'm just a huge Twyla Tharp fan. I found it interesting to read her thoughts about creativity.

The other is On Being with Krista Tippett:
Not everything resonates with me, but there's enough diversity of philosophies that I've found plenty to think about.

Kim Jackson said...

Thanks Em! I am always open to new sources of inspiration. I will check out both links!

jnaturalez said...

Yessss...I completely agree it is such a benefit to positive thinking and it is a great way to help achieving your goals..Thank you for this post I really needed that ^.^

Kim Jackson said...

You're welcomed! Thank you so much for reading.

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