Monday, August 29, 2011

Beauty Is a Journey, Not a Destination


Today, take a moment to reflect on your ideas about beauty. Remember that transformation begins on the inside. If there is anything you wish to change about your appearance - whether it's your wardrobe, your weight, your skin or hairstyle - remember that you must first realize that you are beautiful just the way you are.

Today, make peace with the past, the things you've been through that have brought you to where you are.  Your face, your body, your posture are all reflections of the life you've lived.  Your resilience is a reflection of your beauty.  Reconsider the things you've associated with beauty in the past.  Renew your self-image. 

Today, stop comparing yourself to others and rejoice in yourself.  Life is heartbreaking to each and every one of us.  Since we never know what the next person is going through, we must remember to always be kind.  First with ourselves, then with our fellow man.  Beauty teaches us to see with our hearts.
"As you become more intimate with your authentic self - as you recover your true, incandescent identity - there will come a gradual but undeniable physical transformation.  It is absolutely impossible to commit to your spiritual growth, awaken to your own radiant Light and not have it reveal itself on the outside."
~ Sarah Ban Breathnach


MerelyMarie said...

Love this!!!

fabdogooder said...

I need this. I've been contemplating making some physical changes..but change certainly starts from within.

Jess said...

our minds must have been synced...check out my post today.

I totally agree with you, everything has to start inside out (if you want it to last) and from love not force--that lesson took alittle longer to learn.

GG said...

Yes, I have a birthday in a couple months which as me thinking about getting older and taking better care of myself and this post reminds me that needs to start with my emotional and spiritual health.

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