Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An Upscale Giveaway

Nowadays, many of us find it easier to check out our favorite magazines online.   I used to have several magazine subscriptions, but I found that they piled up faster than I could read them.  I still love a fresh, glossy magazine though, don't you??  Well, Upscale Magazine has notified us that they are expanding their publication to include both digital and print publications.  How perfect!

Upscale has been a pillar in the African-American community for 22 years.  They address the needs of stylish, informed and progressive African-Americans and their mission is to encourage their readers to be empowered and inspired to live loudly, learn smartly and embrace life with a passion.

Did you know that Upscale Magazine was started by Bernard Bronner, the CEO of Bronner Brothers, Inc., one of the largest private African-American hair and skin care producers in the United States????  Who knew?  The Bronners are no strangers to hard work and success and Upscale Magazine is a reflection of that.    They are committed to profiling success in our communities and empowering us in every issue.  This letter written by Mr. Bronner captures his perspective on where the magazine has been and where it is going.

We'd like to support Upscale Magazine's expansion by notifying you of a promotion they are having right now.  Here are the deets:

Offer #1:  Get 9 issues (one year) of digital and print for the special low rate of 19.95 and receive a FREE Upscale t-shirt. *while supplies last

Offer #2: Get both 9 issues (one year) of digital and print for the special low rate of 19.95 and receive two (2) FREE Tropical Roots products. *while supplies last

In addition to these great offers, PLPT readers will enjoy an additional 10% discount by entering the following code: UPSC17

If you're feeling lucky, leave a comment below and enter to win an Upscale Prize Pack full of goodies. In your comment, simply tell us what success means to you.  The giveaway will close at 11:59 PM one week from today on Tuesday, 8/23.

Good luck!  ;-) 


Sunflowergurl said...

To be happy, content and secure in knowing what you are doing and how you are living--without excuse is what success means to me.

Mugure said...

Success to me means living out your passion. Whatever passion that maybe be even if in your daily 9-5 you can't do it as a job but in your spare time you find a way to live your dreams and live your passions. Whether its singing at a niteclub, Dj'ing, Fashion Bloggin, or Styling & Interior Design, find a way to live out your passion and you will be successful and alot happier with your life!

StillQueenB said...

I think of success as a long term project. It cannot be captured in one day or with one event but with incremental milestones. Success can only be evaluated at the end of your life. When you are taking those last moments of your life you look around and ask yourself "Would God be pleased with what I have done with my time on Earth?" Those incremental milestones that lead you to that point are the improvements you make every day to be a better person. Did I love more today then I did yesterday? Did I help more than I did last year. True sucess is a life well lived so that you may hear the Lord say " Well, done my good and faithful servant."

A said...

Success to me is the happiness and contentment you get after you have chartered your course and have made serious and consistent strides in making your dreams/goals become realities!

thedressjunkie said...

success to me is knowing that i am living within my purpose ordained by God. when i try to chart my own course is when things go wrong...but when i know that i am within His will, and exactly where He would have me to be in life, to me i have achieved success!

Leeann Sands said...

Success is turning "I Can't" into "I Will". Not letting anything hold you back from your dreams and achieving your best you!

~Decidedly Imperfect~ said...

Success is definitely relative to the person but to me it's measured in personal satisfaction with your life choices. It can't always be measured in money. You cold be very successful in something that doesn't pay any or much money but you are rich with personal satisfaction.

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