Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Find Your Truth" Series - Part VI

In the sixth post of our ‘Find Your Truth’ series, Jess shares some of her personal truths.

“I love me. I couldn't always say that. I'm proud of how far I have come.” – Jess

This I know to be true about Relationships:

Relationships are blessings. Even the bad ones, they teach us something about ourselves and the things we look for in others are the things we love and revere. I've learned that when it comes to romantic relationships, it takes two people who are committed to God's word (first) and each other for as long as it’s right. I've learned that the best relationships make you feel the most free. In the relationships that I would consider "bad" I can say that I felt constrained or confined to be a certain way; and conditional love or affection is a horrible foundation for a lasting relationship. Irony that we become the most free when we feel it’s safe to do so, so which comes first? Relationships are reflections, of us of God and of our hearts at any particular time in this life.

This I know to be true about Money:

Money is nothing more than a tool. I do not revere it, nor do I loathe it. It is something that we as humans have assigned value, but how much value it holds is up to the individual. I think it is important to save and I think it is important to spend, I believe in most things. Everybody may not have money but everyone has something of value and what we do with that precious currency shapes the direction of our life. Money comes and goes, love lasts.

This I know to be true about Friendships:

Well lately I've learned that friendships are only as strong as the commitment each person has to it. I absolutely love and adore my girlfriends; I rely on them for many things and vice versa. It takes a long time to develop really good solid friendships as with any relationship it takes love, communication, trust, honesty, respect, and commitment. Sometimes friendships wax and wane, but those sacred few will remain close because they are just as integral to you as your next breath or your heart beat.

This I know to be true about Family:

Family is everything; the ultimate teacher of love, acceptance, forgiveness, and all those virtues that serve us well in life. We can give up on friends, we can break up with boyfriends, but family will always have hooks in us, ties to us. They are the greatest learning tool there is.

This I know to be true about My Self:

I'm full of dichotomy and conflict. Sometimes I don't make sense and sometimes I speak straight to the core. As I grow up I am becoming more and more okay with my mess. I've been letting my ego (fear) run my life for so long that operating out of love and faith (God) sometimes proves to be difficult but every day I start again and keep trying. I am resilient, I am steadfast, I am stubborn and imperfect and I love me. I couldn't always say that. I'm proud of how far I have come.

You can further connect with Jess at her blog, Sincerely, Jess.

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