Monday, June 18, 2012

Pretty Things: 5 Ways to Feel Refreshed and Beautified On the Go


Self-care is extremely important to your overall sense of confidence. When we take care to look our best on the outside, it creates positive feelings on the inside and we create a fulfilling cycle. Never allow your schedule or your responsibilities to become so demanding that you are not taking time to stay fresh and feminine.  Here are a few tips:

Wash Your Hands.   This may sound obvious but it's too important to overlook. This simple act, when done mindfully, can really provide you with a boost if you take the time to notice it. Too often we just rush through it so we can get back to what we're doing. Slow down and wash your hands thoroughly, under your nails, include your wrists and forearms if you can. Repeat. Then dry and finish with your favorite lotion. Now tell me this doesn't rejuvenate you! Not only do you feel good because you are keeping yourself clean and decreasing your exposure to germs, but you also will enjoy looking down at your clean, soft hands and getting occasional whiffs of the fresh scent of soap and lotion. Femininity is really found in the smallest details, isn't it?

Brush Your Teeth. A refreshed mouth just makes you feel brand new overall doesn't it? Keep a portable toothbrush and a travel size toothpaste in your purse at all times. Be sure to apply some lip gloss or lipstick (or whatever your lippy of choice) when you're done. Remember that your mouth is always a focal point when you're interacting with people, so it's natural that you will feel more confident after you freshen it up. Drink lots of water to keep the feeling going.

Refresh Your Face.  If your skin tends to get oily throughout the day, use oil blotting sheets like these from Biore.  They will absorb the oil from your face without disturbing your makeup.  Before I discovered these, I would just continue to add powder to my face when I got oily and by the end of the day, I'd literally have piles of makeup on my face mixed with oil and dirt and who knows what else.  Not only was this murder on my pores but it also wasted a lot of product.  

If your skin is feeling tight and dry, using a refreshing spray like The Body Shop's Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz will hydrate your skin without leaving your skin feeling too dewy or greasy. I also love the fragrance - it's light and citrusy and my kids tell me that my face smells yummy after I use it. Remember, this spray will hydrate your skin, but it's not a moisturizer so if your skin is very very dry - this won't cut it by itself.

Revive Your Hair.  Depending on how you wear your hair, how you revive it in the middle of the day will vary.  Personally, I wear my hair in buns and updos often and sometimes I need to shake it out and put it back up to feel refreshed.  If I can, I'll take my hair down and massage my scalp for a few minutes.  Then I'll put my hair back up and keep it moving. If my hair is down, I may massage some oil or gloss into it.  It really depends.  No matter what, giving your hair a little mid-day love will lift your mood.  Don't overdo it though. Textured hair doesn't like to be overmanipulated. 

Stretch and Practice Deep Breathing Exercises. Take a moment to breathe deeply - in through your nose and out through your mouth. Clear your mind. Repeat your favorite bible verse or quote to yourself. In addition to deep breathing, do some quick stretches. What stretches should you do? I recommend doing a few sun salutations. These will warm up your muscles, improve circulation and along with the deep breathing you will have an overall sense of well being when you're done.

How do you freshen up when you're out and about? 


Jendiva said...

I found that praying every morning and throughout the day helps me. I feel so refreshed and that my mind is in the right place afterwards. I would recommend it for anyone that's religious because it's truly helped me get through some hard days.

GG said...

So true! It's essential to refresh your mind throughout the day and praying is the best way to do it. We're bombarded with so much "stuff" during the day that it helps to pray and get refocused on what really matters. Thanks for the comment Jen!

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