Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Your Vulnerability is Pretty Too

Often, when I think of allowing myself to be vulnerable, I worry about being judged. I worry that my not being completely put together and on top of everything all the time might somehow make me less likeable—less lovable. Sound familiar?

But in truth, it is when we are vulnerable that we are at our most beautiful, because we become that raw, open, honest human that has the ability to share a connection with another person. 

In truth, our fears, insecurities and emotional hiccups are part of the roadmap to our growth and success. It’s when we feel at our worst that we get up and do something about it, and learn about ourselves in the process. 

Know that your vulnerability is just as gorgeous and wonderful as your strength—in fact, it sometimes takes a stronger person to be willing to open up and to accept whatever consequences may come with that, for better or for worse. 

One of my best friends is finding her way to a relationship with a parent who wasn’t formerly in her life, and it’s causing her to soften and to be honest with herself about desires, hopes and wishes she didn’t dare speak of before. And I admire the light and the beauty I’m seeing in her eyes because of it. 

Another best friend and I finally gave a voice to the disconnect we’d each been feeling separately for a while. We acknowledged that we’re in different places in our lives, each valuing differing experiences right now. And that’s okay! Despite those differences, and because of that honest, vulnerable conversation, I feel even closer to her than before. I know something about her that I didn’t know before. 

Allowing myself to become emotionally naked has helped me to become a better friend and a better girlfriend. The people in my life know now that I trust them enough to share even what’s scary and buried—something that would have NEVER happened in the past--and ultimately, I think, that makes me a prettier person to them as a whole. 

Despite what you may have been told in the past, your vulnerability is pretty too. It’s a major part of who you are. How might letting go of your emotional armor allow you to better connect to the people in your life?

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Jess J said...

Kim, I really wish I had the words to tell you what this post means to me right now. But, there are none. Its like they broke a dam in me. And I can flow again. Thank you. What an absolute blessing you are.

Kim Jackson said...

As your words so often bless me. I am grateful for your renewed flow. xo

robilyn said...


Your post is very poignant ... i am truly learning about being vulnerable right now . Your words caused tears to flow in a happy way for a change . Thanks for being a friend

Kim Jackson said...

Awww, I'm so glad it touched you! No, thank you!! xo

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