Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guest Post: Allowing the Creative Flow of Your Life

 The following guest post was written by Jennifer Wardlaw, creator of Freedom from Ashes.


When we think of Creativity, most of us think in terms of some of Creativity’s forms like Writing, Art, Crafts, Fashion, and much more. We usually don’t think of living our whole Life Creatively. When we are being Creative, we are embracing the feminine energy. This means we are in acceptance of the darkness (unknown) that is needed for Creativity. We are in acceptance of the gestation period Creativity requires. We are in acceptance of the chaotic, uncomfortable space we move into. Creativity needs for us to relinquish control, trust in Life’s natural process, face our fear of the unknown, and become a Vessel for Love and Life to work through.

No matter what our profession or hobbies are, we are all Creative beings. We are always creating our Lives in each moment by our perception of the events in our Lives. We are either seeing Life with Love glasses or Fear glasses on. Sometimes when our Life seems stagnant, Life is encouraging us to let go and allow our Creative Flow.

After I graduated college in 2009 and graduate school didn’t work out last minute, I was scared. I did not know what to do with my Life anymore. I had always tried to plan out my Life. I feared the freedom that I was now experiencing. I was free to create a Life that truly resonated with my authentic Self. All I had to do was relinquish control and trust that everything was working out even if I didn’t see that.

When I am writing, I allow my Creativity to flow. When I have writer’s block, it usually is because I am trying to force something to come through before its time. But when we take a step back, let go, be patient and allow it to come through in its natural time, we are now a Vessel for the Creativity.

We can live every part of our lives like this. By focusing on THIS moment we are being Creative. All different opportunities and ideas are open for us in this moment. When we trust that Life will bring us just the right people, circumstances, and ideas when we need them, we are unleashing our Creative flow!

Living from Love allows a natural flow to Life. Whenever we feel stuck this is only a reminder to surrender to Love. This means that we remember that everything in our lives is FOR us. We are now flowing with Life instead of at war with it.

Living creatively also means living a Life that is authentic-a life that resonates with YOU. I had realized that I was wearing a costume my whole Life. I was doing things to please other people. I have been on a journey to re-discovering my authentic Self. 

Creativity is unique and is an expression of your Authentic Self. When we unleash the Creative flow in our Life, we are vowing to show the world the Light that we ARE. We have the courage to embrace the unique Path that Life has waiting for us to walk on. This path is where no one has ever been. 

Here are a few ways to allow your Creative Flow:

1. Listen to yourself. Listen to your dreams and passions and also listen to your fears. Your fears, once accepted, can lead you out of your comfort zone and into the Creative zone. Always ask yourself: Is this something I want to do? Is this authentic to me? If fear and guilt were not around would this be what YOU would be doing?

2. Surrender. When you feel frustration in your Life use this as a reminder to surrender to Life’s natural flow. Look at any grievances as a Creative block. It’s like a tense muscle, where the only way to heal the pain is is to relax into it.

3. Be comfortable with not knowing. The excitement of Life is that none of us truly know what the next moment will bring. When we are confused or don’t know what to do in Life, this is when we can allow our Creative flow. This opens us up to endless possibilities and inner guidance.

4. Use your intuition. Creativity is of feminine energy. So when we are embracing our Creative flow, it requires us to start using our intuition. A lot of the times Life does not make sense. When we use our intuition to make decisions, we make decisions from our heart rather than fear.

Living our lives creatively allows us to welcome more Peace, Freedom, Happiness, and Love into our lives. When we live authentically and courageously, we are naturally living creatively. Life will respond by bringing to you experiences that resonate with your heart and soul. You are now painting Life with your unique colors!


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