Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Frustrating Balance between What You Have and What You Want

Do you ever feel like the balance between what you have and what you want becomes a bit frustrating? You’re torn between the steps you’re taking towards your goals, and being present where you are. You know what you want, and so you become increasingly disenchanted with what you have—but you know you should be grateful and so the struggle ensues.

It has taken me awhile to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I’ve worked in radio and TV; I’ve wanted to work in PR and A&R and Sports Management. I’ve been a full time student, a cheerleading coach, a voice over talent and a wedding singer. I’ve looked into being a teacher on more than one occasion. And I’m sure I’m forgetting something that should be on this list (G, feel free to chime in).

Throughout these moments of exploration, the theme has been the same—the search for creativity and flexibility and freedom of expression--to just be inherently me. The goal has been to figure out what I can do that is aligned with my personal core values, makes me light up even the going gets rough and makes want to work even when I don’t want to work.

And though I know there’s more than one thing that will accomplish this for me, and that I’ll continue to evolve and try out new things with each phase of my life, I think I’ve finally found (or rediscovered at any rate) one of the things that I’m really good at and know that I want to do for a while. I want to write (and I get to do it all over the web, both weekly and monthly). And I’m really lucky that we’re in an age where I get to do it in a fun way through blogs (this one and Pish Posh Perfect), and then tell everyone about the writing and the blogging via social media; and I get to tell other people’s stories via social media too (because I freelance as a consultant for a couple of brands).

But I still have to do what I have to do in the meantime. And therein lies the rub. There are days where the frustration is almost overwhelming and I want to skip the “learning process” of being where I am and just get to where I want to be already!!

How do you continue to have patience when you feel you are on the cusp of something really special--something that will ultimately help you to live the lifestyle you want—but you have to continue to do that other thing for just a little while longer?

How do you balance the frustration between your present and the future you visualize?

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pasrosesociete said...

I love this post. I feel like I am in that exact same place.
For me, I journal my frustrations and then also the things that I should be happy about so that I have a picture of my reality. I speak to myself and post reminders of my goals along with the progress that I am making. That way, I know that I am moving forward. Anyway, awesome post.

Tiffany said...

Great question. I find myself in a similar situation. But it's all about continuous discovery. So I just keep on trying, and saving. That's something I didn't do so great in my 20s & 30s. I want to be prepared and open for the big opportunity.

Kim Jackson said...

@pasrosesociete - all great tactics. I definitely haven't been journaling as much as I'd like to lately. It is a good way to shift your focus.

@Tiffany - I love "it's all about continuous discovery"--because discovering our limits and level of patience is part of the journey too.

Thanks ladies! Very thoughtful comments.

MerelyMarie said...

You are not alone!

I write, pray, & vent. :D
I'm thankful that I rarely feel compelled to do the last one. The first two usually gets me through those frustrating moments.

Being "faith filled" also helps. Just knowing, that you WILL get to where I want to be. When exactly? have no clue. But, you do know it's going to happen. It's just a matter of time.

Kim Jackson said...

Thanks MM! Thankfully, most days are the "faith filled" kind, and not the frustrated kind :-).

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