Monday, August 20, 2012

Practical Preparation for Receiving Your Increase

You’ve been working diligently toward your goal for some time now. And we know you’re visualizing it, meditating on it, creating vision boards around it, networking it, etc…but how are you preparing for it?


So often, we ask for increase, without thinking about what changes will have to occur in our lives once we get it. It’s just as important to prepare a practical plan of action so that you’ll be ready to receive when your goal gets achieved. So what are some of the things you’ll want to be thinking about?

Will I lose any of the perks of my current position? And if so, will that require me to spend more?

Will my monthly spending amounts (bills, investments) increase in other ways?

Will I need to move to a bigger home? Downsize?

Will I have to drive more? Or Less?

How many more working hours will be expected of me, and can I meet these expectations?

Does this increase require more education, licensing, etc?

What new skills might I have to/want to learn to be efficient in my new role?

How will my partner feel about these changes?

Will I have more time/less time for my children?

Are there things I’ll be able to delegate to someone else to avoid becoming overwhelmed?

How will I balance my already full plate once I add this new thing on top of it?

Will this require me to move to a new city/state? What will a move cost?

Will this put me in a new tax bracket?

How will I transition my retirement savings?

Will I need to take out a loan? How will I pay it back?

I’m sure there are hundreds more questions that can be asked depending on your individual situation. But what’s really important is to determine up front which of your values are priorities for you to maintain. Is freedom your most important value? Family time? Travel? How will you maintain these things with your new gift--and the responsibilities that come along with it?


Jamie said...

Great post! I sometimes forget that preparing for my goals/increase is very important, so thanks for the reminder. These are great questions to consider, and I'll definitely keep them in mind.

Kim Jackson said...

Thanks Jamie! I used to forget sometimes too, and then find myself overwhelmed. But I had to take a step back and remember that I'm getting what I asked for! Starting to think things through ahead of time has helped tremendously.

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